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Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:17 am

This my Shop, all price are negotiable, and can be very negotiable. Just post and offer here or Give me a MP in game.

I'm currently taking order for Honey Use, at 15K each or 13K if you take more than 1. (Can be negotiated too)

Pokemon List

Shiny Adamant Shiftry Lv.38 Unspent SP - Best offer 150k, Buy out 300k
Relaxed Onyx - 5K
Jolly Snorlax - 5k
Timid Foongus - 20K
Naive Heracross - 15K
Naughty Heracross - 15K
Jolly Eevee - 50k


TM25 Thunder - 5K
TM30 Shadow Ball - 15K
TM02 Dragon Claw - 15K
TM99 Dazzing Gleam - 22K
TM62 Acrobatics - 10K
TM78 Bulldoze - 5K (Sold)
TM22 Solarbeam - 300F
TM28 Leech Life - 15K
TM91 Flash Cannon- 22K
TM72 Volt Switch - 18K (Out of Stock)
TM50 OverHeat - 10K

Item List

Insect Plate - 5K
Charcoal - 7K
Quick Claw - 15K
Black Belt - Best Offer (current N/A)
Dragon Fang - 10k
Sharp Beak - 10K

Donator item - I don't have all robes so give me a PM to know what i do have

Surprises Boxes - 15k
1 day boost - 7K
7 Day boost - 20k
Global drop 1H/3H - 7K/17k
Robe - 22K


Eevee Careful/Sassy/Relaxed/Calm/Bold (Good Umbreon)
Jolly Reckless Hitmonlee/Tyrogue
Event useable Pokemon (Skarmory, Litleo, auction poke...)
Abra Speed Nature

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Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:14 am

So many things to offer :o
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