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Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:02 am

List of things for next update
- Add Mega Evolutions (PLEEEASSEEE)
- Low Exp for levels (After lvl 35, the training starts to become boring, e.g. lvl 44 to 45 is 79490, if u r on 3th gym, th training room on pokecenter, the give you only 700 exp, if u calculate that is 79490/700 approx 113 times which I need to win the ace trainer, and it's only ONE LEVEL, imagine 10 levels, it starts to make people stop playing b/c its boring
- Low GYM leaders' pokemon level too. 3th gym level 30 pokemons and I need to train my pokemons to level 40 to beat her my gosh
- Fix the moviment bug when I press two keyboard at the same time, like W and A, my player just stop to walk
- Trade rules are confusing me LOL
- Add badge images it will be awesome
- If you guys dont want to low the exp to upgrade to next level, so please high the exp drop (I think if you double all exp drop its going to be cool)

- So this is my opinion thanks 4 reading

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