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Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:34 pm

Currently on PBO there are unbalanced Pokémon’s that brings a negative impact on the competitive environment, a proof of this was the recent remove of Cloysters in the game (#NeverForget).
Cloyster in specific has passed for many debates before and the decision of removing it was probably the best for the game.
Apart cloysters, there are a few broken Pokémon’s which currently doesn’t have a solid counter play. Two of them are Nidokings/queen and Toxapex. They aren’t easy to get like cloyster and decisions like removing them from the game is possibly one of the worsts, since they can be balanced with the addition of a few competitive items.
I’m sure there is a reason for the lack of items on pbo, which is probably cause some of them are hard to code, but the ones below are really important and more attention should be given.

Starting with nido’s, the sheer force + life orb + great coverage combo allows this pokemon to beat anything. It can be used anytime in a battle to surely get a kill, you don’t need to think on when or how to use it, they are strong enough to become brainless.
Currently the only way to take care of it is building a specific pokemon (that you didn’t want to) only to have an option against it. Nido’s are without doubt unbalanced and negatively impacts the competitive. But as I said, it is simple to try to balance with the addition of Assault Vest in-game, making possibly to resist an attack without being hugely tanker. That will make nidos users start to think before using its power in a battle, instead of switching it at any time to beat anything, as happens today.

*Assault vest increases the holder’s sp.def in 50%, but it can’t use status moves.

While Nido’s are the offensive beasts, Toxapex takes its place as an unbeatable wall. This thing can maximize hp, both defenses and still invest on spa. Apart of nido’s, nothing can kill its stall power, since you can’t ohk0 even with a maximized attack, you can’t setup-kill it cause of haze and you can’t use toxic cause it is a poison type, any battle against Toxapex comes down to: You die to poison while it spams recover. In other hand few persons has it, since it was really hard to get, but giving those few players such power makes them really stronger than everyone else. Just like nido’s, there is a way to don’t get destroyed to it without the needing of remove the pokemon or nerfing its stats, and it is the addition of choice specs and choice band, making possible to a pokemon to inflict more damage than it can heal with recover.

*Choice specs increases the holder’s Sp. Atk in 50%, but it can only select the first move it executes.
*Choice band is the same, but increasing Atk instead.

There are another nukes like Kingdra under rain, assault vest will be the answer against it as well. Different of the other two, Kingdra can’t be that strong alone, it needs more Pokémon’s to make it work, so even being really strong, it is not as broken as the brainless above, and can be countered with things like others weather teams.

I understand that PBO and Java have limitations, and some items are not coded yet cause it is either impossible or really hard to be done. But still choices and assault vest are not only good to have on Pbo, but necessary to balance the competitive environment.

Apart what is necessary, there are a few things that would be good to have on Pbo. Some of them are hidden power moves, the possibility to check your Pokémon’s hp and status like burn/poison and etc. inside a battle, and other few improvements on battles in general that you can check on General Suggestions thread.

*If you remember more unbalanced Pokémon’s (not only strong ones, but those without any counter play atm), please send it to help us to think on what can be done about that.

The suggestions above can (and probably needs) to be improved.
As more brains thinking about it, better will be the results.
Please leave your opinions down below and help PBO to be a better game

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:48 pm

I have coded Assault Vest and Choice items do work just need final testing. All I need to do is add them in the game and I am going to add them in Ranked Token shop soon. Thanks for the suggestions. AND Java has no limitations :) It has more to do with how few things have been architectured in the server (software architecture wise).

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:37 pm

Issue with current cw:

due to current player advantage, one can just camp near registeel to force opponent to run for 1 minute, and then get camped by 3 players. No matter how good that player is, he cannot beat 3 people in a row. Even if he can, the two guys who had lost to him, will have enough time to run it back. So thats already 5 minutes wasted when attacking.

So I think cws should stop being a running simulator. Possibly make map smaller and once base captured, defenders get fully healed to be able to defend better. Once defeated, cannot go in until another crew captures( if you were a defender). This is to make it have a 'survival' element.

This will help smaller crews capture after their 3rd or 4th attempt of attacking. ( This will only apply if it will remain 2 v 3 v 15).
Newer players will be useful if this happens because they can target someone while a higher level will be able to sneak in, once a few opponents have been defeated.

Cloyster(Banned now), Nido & Toxa are broken, hopefully new items will fix this.

Definetly need default costumes for everyone, and if necessary turn every female into male or vice versa, since there is lack of female characters in this game, they will be recognizable.

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Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:02 am

Stalls are great in current competitive scenes of PBO because they can sit in a battle indefinitely without any penalties.
Toxapex was the top-tier stall especially because of its resistance to cloyster moves and other major types,
along with an ability to nullify set-ups with Haze, and additional capability to set up a hazard, toxic spikes - all of these packed in one pokemon.

In the original Pokemon series, there are many and practical ways to counter such stall pokemons,
and I will offer some suggestions that are employed from the original series competitive scenes.

1. With introduction of choice items and assault vests,
we also need the following moves: Trick and Switcheroo
because these items can have potential to cripple any stall pokemons by forcing these items on them.

2. Moreover, moves like Yawn, Whirlwind, Roar would offer counters to these stall or set-up sweepers alike,
thwarting their abilities to stall with moves like cosmic power, stockpile, etc or sweep with set-ups like shell smash, swords dance, nasty plot, etc.

3. Magic Bounce ability

4. Also EQ should be available on either CW or BT shops as it is one of the most effective and common move to deal with Poison type stall pokemons.

5. Addition of hidden power move is much needed to allow some pokemons to have wider coverage in PvP arena.

6. Also, instead of currently prevalent 6v6 format,
3v3 or even 1v1 would invoke fresh changes to allow diversity in strategy and in competitive scenes.
This format would force certain weaknesses from a stall party to be exposed and exploited
by restricting fewer stall pokemons to cover each other's weaknesses in a battle.

7. Z-moves or mega-evolution that can dish out or inflict massive damage in bursts.

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Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:29 pm

Thanks for the suggestions LifeFlows, they are indeed important options to the game. I forgot to mention Trick (sigyliph's worst nightmare) on my suggestions, and i thank you for remembering it.
About Force-switchs moves i didnt mentioned because i know that snehks is already working on it, but it is important to mention anyway, i thank you again.
Both EarthQuake and Toxic should be more acessible since they are the options against the current troublesome meta on pbo > Stall.
In addition with Magic Bounce there are important abilities that would be appreciated to be implanted on Pbo, and i can make a proper list of them when battle mechanics become a priority.
Megas are really hard to bring to the game with the currently architeture limitations, while z-moves are not apreciated for most players. But the addition of them in-game (especially z-moves) will make the competitive a lot more dinamic, giving even more options to break currently unbalanced pokemon.

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