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Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:45 pm

On this thread I won’t talk about Advertising, cause I’m sure it was discussed many times before. Instead I will suggest things in-game that might increase the currently player base of PBO.
But first I will make clear that PBO punches new players on their faces, it is impossible to keep playing for more than one week if you don’t have a friend playing with you or if you never played a similar game before (grind based).
A great job has been done to bring new players to the game, but they simply drop it a few days later.
Keeping that in mind, the first thing I wanna suggest a Referral System:

If a new player brings a friend to play with him, both of them will receive a pokemon of their choice (untradeable) when they both beat the 4th gym.

That would encourage players to referral PBO to friends, and the existence of friends playing with them will reduce the chances of dropping.

Variants: That benefit could be given to old players when they ask a friend to start playing, but along with this players might abuse it.

If you check the discords (especially the Br/Pt one) you will see that the number of players on it is way bigger than the number of guys who actually plays PBO. As you know, that’s because many players stopped playing before, but the interesting thing is that they didn’t quit the discord. And it can be used as a tool to increase the active player’s number.

For that purpose, the second suggestion is one thing that exists on most mmorpgs, but not on Pbo:

A Welcome Back Gift

After I noticed that, I started to think what could bring me back to playing if I had stop a long time ago, I didn’t find a solid answer (and I would appreciate if you could give your suggestion), the closer I could get was: 3 pokemon of their choice for players that backs to the game.
(Instead of it, the gift could be money, items, or anything else, but honestly I think that Pokémon’s are the best shot.)
Hopefully it will make some old players get interested with Pbo again, and if it gets implanted with the mini events suggestion (you can check it on the other thread) the chance of they keep playing is even bigger.

*The suggestions above can (and probably needs) to be improved.
As more brains thinking about it, better will be the results.
Please leave your opinions down below and help PBO to be a better game

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:59 pm

Giving old players poke won't bring them back.

Some of the reasons why they leave is the following:
Competitive scene is unbalanced for months.
Content takes long to come out.
Toxic players with the same insults on a daily basis.
Suspicions of abuse from certain players and never were dealt with.
Other reasons (personal or different game preference)

Players must have a motivation to play, and I am one of those who only stayed for the pvp, which is practically dead lately.

However I like the referral system.
Instead of welcome back gift, daily rewards could change and be bit more useful aswell, just to make it worthwhile to login on a daily basis.

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:29 pm

"Competitive scene is unbalanced for months." - How? Explain.
"Content takes long to come out." - The game became region and feature complete and enhancements take time to come out. I cannot be randomly adding maps just to please you. Next region was nowhere close in the roadmap and the content including Crew War formats etc were added regularly.
"Toxic players with the same insults on a daily basis." - And people who complain about everything and get mad if the things are not done the way they want it to be spoiling and ruining the game for others by spreading hate against moderators and developers.
"Suspicions of abuse from certain players and never were dealt with." - Stop making wrong allegations. Moderators won't ban someone just because someone suspects someone else. Moderators have been doing their job pretty well and we have been banning botters as soon as we find hard evidence.
"Other reasons (personal or different game preference)" - Agreed.

"daily rewards could change and be bit more useful aswell" - Cannot get better than this until and unless we make items untradeable. There are many people who like abusing the daily rewards and that's what is gonna happen if rewards get any better. They are fine already.

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:04 pm

I get your point Shadow, i can think on three kinds of players that leaves Pbo.

Giving pokemons is not a way to bring every player back, there are players (1) that stopped cause they dont have time or dont wanna play pokemons games anymore. And on those cases nothing can be done.

It's also true that some left cause of the currently situation of the game (2), with issues like the ones you mentioned. I'm aware of that and that's why i proposed some changes on other threads to fix thoses situations.

But apart of those two, there are players that dropped the game cause of its dificulty (3), i know players that doesnt play anymore cause of the endless hunt to find the pokemons they want. Most of them are really hard to find and finding one with a good nature is almost impossible. That discourages every player, and some left cause of that.

The best thing to be done is to implant preventive solutions for the cases you mentioned to make Pbo a more hospitable environment, and then two of those 3 kinds of players i said will have reasons to back to the game. The problem with it is that changes demands time and things cant be fixed all at once.

The alternative left is to at least bring the third kind of player back for now, and fix pbo over time. With the currently player base, anything that can bring players to the game should be supported, even if it is less than what it could be.

A better daily reward system is something i thought about, but forgot to add it to threads. But overall i thought on not only make daily rewards, but more daily contents to the game, with actual rewards instead of a pity amount of money (ace trainers) and the chance to get a common tm that no one buys (Poke Bosses) - But of course, being aware from players that wants to abuse it.

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:57 pm

I have no clue of how hard it might be to create a patcher, but the game rlly needs it, cuz just like me many other players have rlly bad connection (mostly brs i think), and it take 1-2hours to download the game after each update, i imagine someone who just started playing having to download it all over again, this would turn me off for sure.
That wont directly increase the community, but we wont have many losses.

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:10 pm

Competitive unbalance :
Cloyster & Nidokings were soloing teams for a long time, and now toxapex can just stall the game till it pleases. ( Will be fixed with new items hopefully)
Alliances were being formed when a slight competition is being formed - which led to the competing crew to start quitting slowly, since no matter how strong a crew gets, its always an unfair battle. ( will be fixed with the default clothes)
Use of bugged moves such as final gambit and fissure. (These moves r fixed, I think ? )

As a developer I know why stuff take time, but not everyone thinks same as me.

For few months there was one active moderator and the same 3 to 5 players kept insult a certain player pretty much every crew war, and no action was being taken, just because the mod thought "they were joking".

Is not a wrong allegation if its true. We had proof of various abuses, such as forming alliance, warping, kicking from pvp ( Happened once to me, possibly happened to other players.), teleporting on registeel, relogging near registeel to capture as soon as another crew captures it and many more. Can't say these aren't true, because I remember exactly who did those.

Anyway these are just why some players quit in the past, mostly from 1337 and FrostFire, since I was part of both crews for the last year.
Of course game improved, some of the abusers got dealt with eventually, but the problem is it took too long to take action against them, if it was ever done.

Now that I see your perspective Dio, I agree that poke are too hard to hunt, so a welcome back gift might be a good idea, although I don't know how realistic such thing is.

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:33 pm

i rlly want to see the proofs of the alliance lul

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Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:34 am

"vai filho" screenshot was all over discord, I dont have it anymore, but I know it exists somewhere.

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