Making lvl 50 crew wars to work.

Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:23 am

On this thread my focus is on increasing the competitivity and diversity of Crew Wars.

It is known that reaching lvl 100 isnt a easy thing to do, and having a lvl 100 team is something that can take you several weeks of grinding. So on the currently system is impossible to have diversity, players have only one team and have to always use the same pokes (ignoring a few exceptions of really old players). The point is that on Pbo only a few players have a lvl 100 team, and only a even smaller group has more than 6 to choose.

In order to reach a competitive environment on PBO, the main Crew Wars mode should be replaced with lvl 50 pokemons. The reason for that is: Easier to make teams, test new strategies and becomes more accessible to the whole player base.

It is something that the players and Devs knows for a long time, but it was never pushed forward cause of the issues that a lvl 50 meta game will bring. The two main issues are: Players already spent months training theirs mons, changing the crew wars to lvl 50 would be really demotivating, like if their effort were in vain; Lvl 50 sps are a mess, way different and worse than the lvl 100's;

About the first one: Make the lvl 50 crew wars daily from monday to friday, and at the weekends, a special Crew War for old players, and not only that, if possible, tournaments would be really apreciated, both with bigger rewards than the lvl 50 crew war mode. That way, every player is gonna make their lvl 50 teams for their daily entertainment, but still have reasons to keep training the 100 one, aiming to be one (or maybe the one) of the best players of the game.

Now lets talk about the sps, it is harder to work on that since theory without tests arent trustable, and with the game offline i cant test it properly. But still i'm gonna share my thoughts about what can be changed.
The currently level based sps benefits lvl 100 pokemons way more than lower one, you cant invest in a balanced way, you gotta focus on one stats, otherwise your bulky pokemon wont tank anything (too low sps to invest on both defenses) and your stronger one wont have enough points to be faster as well. It works today, but is far from being as balanced as the way it is on the lvl 100. Recently there were discussions about this on the discord, and the truth is that the currently sps system is only great when you have all the sps to be used.
Knowing that the currently level based sps wont work on a lvl 50' crew war, i thought on a way to make sps independent of the level, and the first thing that came to my mind was the way evs works on pokemon main games: If you kill a pidgey, you get 1 ev point on speed, when you get 4 ev point, your speed stats increases in 1.
Having the Ev system as a base, i thought on a Quest Based System to get sps. Where basically there are 6 npcs, one for each stats. Each one of them will give you quests like "Kill 30 water types pokemons"; and as reward he gives you 10 sps points on the pokemon you used to complete the quest and on the stat the npc belongs to. After you finish the mission you can start a new one and get more sps while you level up your new team member. Like on the 100's pokemons, you will end up having 300 sps to distribute and a max of 180 points in only one stat.

Remember, the numbers i used and the model of the quest are only for represent the idea. Also, the idea is something that came to my mind 15 minutes ago, i'm sure that someone can think on a more structured model of how to make the sp system work on lvl 50 mons like they do on 100's.

There are other issue with lvl 50 cw, which is that some pokemons can only evolve after lvl 50, for that we can have a new item, a "premature stone", where you can evolve your dragonite when it reachs lvl 50. Since only a few (and hard to get) pokemons will need this, would be cool if the stone becomes a reward of the lvl 100 crew wars, tournaments and others high level events.
Same thing can be done with moves (some moves are only obtained after lvl 50).
In order to prevent players for abusing this precocious evolution, a pokemon which it was used on wont be able to level up, i dont think it will be necessary but it is something to keep in mind.

Resuming, a main crew war system from monday to friday, aiming to diversity and competitivity, while on the weekends, players that already have/ wants to have a lvl 100 team will be able to use them, ensuring fun to as many as player as we can.

Again, it is just an idea and can definitly be improved so i (and i'm sure the Devs will too as well) will really appreciate if you give your thoughts and opinions about it on the comments.

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Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:23 pm

I have read your recommendation and I will write my response to it once I reach the point where I am working on crew wars again. :)

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