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my sincere apologies

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:08 pm
by SepImortal
I played all the time honestly I always talked to everyone, always talk to you sneh, I never did anything wrong, only I did not like your moderator after I stopped playing with the Immortal account I never entered the game again, all those accounts that you they say that it was I was not, I am proud, I would never return without being with the Imortal account.
If you do not want to give me back the account, I understand you, I was not good for your game because you do not accept many things, but do not say that I have illegal things that are not true, all I got was playing.
Thank you for the time we spent together, I'm sorry from the bottom heart if some time I hurt, pardon, because with you I have consideration.
my pc crashed so it has several post.