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Unlike standard Pokemon games, PBO uses custom evolution methods for a variety of Pokemon. For the sake of convenience, all such evolution methods will be listed here:

1. Pokemon that evolve by Happiness:

-> Players must use the item 'Soothe Bell' on these Pokemon. The item itself will act like a standard evolutionary stone.

2. Pokemon that evolve by Trade:

-> Players must use the item 'Link Stone' on these Pokemon. The item itself will act like a standard evolutionary stone. [Players of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will recognise this stone]

3. Pokemon that evolve in Special Conditions / Areas:

-> There are designated maps throughout the region, for these Pokemon. For instance, Sliggoo will evolve into Goodra in Oozy Forest, since the map's weather condition is set to Rain.

4. Alolan-Forms:

-> Regular Pokemon that evolve into their Alolan-Forms, such as Exeggcute and Pikachu, can evolve into these forms at either daytime or nighttime.

5. Pokemon that evolve via trade + held item:

-> The held items for these Pokemon will act as an evolutionary stone for them. So, the 'Protector' can be used on a Rhydon to evolve it into a Rhyperior, just like how standard evolutionary stones work. These items do retain their in-battle functions, as well.

6. Pokemon that can evolve into two different Pokemon:

-> These Pokemon will evolve into different forms at day / night. For example, Wurmple can evolve into Silcoon if levelled to 7 during daytime, and Cascoon if levelled to 7 at night time.

7. Pokemon that evolve after learning a special move:

-> These Pokemon will be able to evolve from the level at which they are first able to learn that special move. For example, Tangela can evolve into Tangrowth starting at Level 38, since it learns Ancient Power at that level.

The table below lists all the evolution methods that require items:

NameEvolutionMethodGender Time of day
AzurillMarillSoothe Bell
BoldoreGigalithLink Stone
BudewRoseliaSoothe BellDaytime
BunearyLopunnySoothe Bell
ChanseyBlisseySoothe Bell
ChinglingChimechoSoothe BellNighttime
ClefairyClefableMoon Stone
CleffaClefairySoothe Bell
CottoneeWhimsicottSun Stone
CrabrawlerCrabominableLanakila Icicle
CuboneMarowak-AlolaLV 28Nighttime
CuboneMarowakLV 28Daytime
DoubladeAegislash-BladeDusk Stone
DusclopsDusknoirReaper Cloth
EelektrikEelektrossThunder Stone
EeveeFlareonFire Stone
EeveeGlaceonIcy Rock
EeveeLeafeonMoss Rock
EeveeEspeonSoothe BellDaytime
EeveeUmbreonSoothe BellNighttime
EeveeJolteonThunder Stone
EeveeVaporeonWater Stone
ExeggcuteExeggutor-AlolaLeaf StoneDaytime
ExeggcuteExeggutorLeaf StoneNighttime
FeebasMiloticPrism Scale
FloetteFlorgesShiny Stone
GligarGliscorRazor Fang
GloomVileplumeLeaf Stone
GloomBellossomSun Stone
GolbatCrobatSoothe Bell
GravelerGolemLink Stone
GrowlitheArcanineFire Stone
GurdurrConkeldurrLink Stone
HappinyChanseyOval Stone
HaunterGengarLink Stone
HelioptileHelioliskSun Stone
IgglybuffJigglypuffSoothe Bell
InkayMalamarReverse Stone
JigglypuffWigglytuffMoon Stone
KadabraAlakazamLink Stone
KarrablastEscavalierLink Stone
KirliaGalladeDawn StoneMale
LampentChandelureDusk Stone
LombreLudicoloWater Stone
MachokeMachampLink Stone
Meowth-AlolaPersian-AlolaSoothe Bell
MinccinoCinccinoShiny Stone
MisdreavusMismagiusDusk Stone
MunchlaxSnorlaxSoothe Bell
MunnaMusharnaMoon Stone
MurkrowHonchkrowDusk Stone
NidorinaNidoqueenMoon Stone
NidorinoNidokingMoon Stone
NuzleafShiftryLeaf Stone
OnixSteelixMetal Coat
PanpourSimipourWater Stone
PansageSimisageLeaf Stone
PansearSimisearFire Stone
PetililLilligantSun Stone
PhantumpTrevenantLink Stone
PichuPikachuSoothe Bell
PikachuRaichu-AlolaThunder StoneNighttime
PikachuRaichuThunder StoneDaytime
PoliwhirlPoliwrathWater Stone
PoliwhirlPolitoedKing's Rock
Porygon2Porygon-ZDubious Disc
PumpkabooGourgeistLink Stone
RioluLucarioSoothe BellDaytime
RoseliaRoseradeShiny Stone
Sandshrew-AlolaSandslash-AlolaIce Stone
ScytherScizorMetal Coat
SeadraKingdraDragon Scale
ShellderCloysterWater Stone
ShelmetAccelgorLink Stone
SkittyDelcattyMoon Stone
SlowpokeSlowkingKing's Rock
SneaselWeavileRazor Claw
SnoruntFroslassDawn StoneFemale
StaryuStarmieWater Stone
SunkernSunfloraSun Stone
SwadloonLeavannySoothe Bell
SwirlixSlurpuffWhipped Dream
TogepiTogeticSoothe Bell
TogeticTogekissShiny Stone
TypeNull SilvallySoothe Bell
Tyrogue HitmonchanPower Belt
Tyrogue HitmonleePower Band
Tyrogue HitmontopPower Weight
VulpixNinetalesFire Stone
Vulpix-AlolaNinetales-AlolaIce Stone
WeepinbellVictreebelLeaf Stone
WoobatSwoobatSoothe Bell

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Thanks for transferring this guide over :)

I love how the table makes it more organised and structured however it would be nice to somehow make it pop and stand out. Perhaps adding pictures or icons? For example Pokémon that evolve with a soothe bell would have a soothe bell icon instead of the words. Not sure how this would look - just thinking of ideas from the top of my head haha
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theres an error poliwhirl with kings rock is politoad you said poliwrath twice

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whoops, ty. Fixed

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