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Hello everyone,

This guide is made for the people who are interested interested in game mapping but don't know how to do it

First of all you need an Tiled Map Editor, you can grab the latest version from the following link:-

after you are done downloading and installing it on your pc, Run the software (There might be a shortcut launcher called Tiled on your desktop) you will see a window like this


now go to File > New > New Map or just press Ctrl+N


you will see a window like this


set the Tile Size 32x32 as shown above

In the Map Size section you can select the size of The Map, basically how big your map should be.

Select the size you want, before pressing ok make sure the tile size is 32 in and width and height both otherwise it can create some technical faults

Now press Save As...


name your map and click on Save


You will have a tab name of the map you entered in this case its "Untitled" and you might've noticed the center screen is visible now and have a darker area in it, that's the empty area where you will be mapping your map

now next lets come to the tilesets the tilesets keep updating day by day so i wont give any permanent link just follow directions below

just go to PBO client folder and go to :- \assets\maps\Tileset

and there you will have your tilesets now you need to import the tileset for that

go to File > New > New Tileset.

a window shell pop up and should look like this.
settings might be predefined but just for safety check them if they are same as image


Browse the tileset folder mentioned above and select Path.png for start



and press Open then Save As and Save the TSX file

Congratulations you have successfully imported your first tileset.


Note : Your tiled might appear to be a little different from mine, don't panic i've adjusted my tiled a bit so i could map more peacefully, the Tileset should be in "Tileset" window on your left or right

Now we have 3 pretty friendly button buddies here on the top bar ignore other tools for now


1st one is called brush tool it lets you take 1 or more tiles at a time and place them on the map (Just hold the mouse click to select more then 1 tile pretty much like how you select text)

2nd one is called paint bucket till or fill tool it takes 1 or more tile and fill the map up with it

3rd one is called eraser tool it erases the tile you putted on map by mistake or something you dont want on map

for now select the second one (paint bucket tool)

and lets fill the map up with basic ground tile

select the basic ground tile as mentioned in image below and move your cursor to the empty map void we've created before and just press your left mouse button


the map should be filled with the tile you selected from tileset

now you are done with basic step of the mapping and basics of Tile Filling in map

Layer Introduction

The mapping is game of Layers in my opinion its the most tricky part to learn and people make most mistakes in it even me,

to make a new layer there is a window called Layers which should look like this


there is a paper with a yellow star at left down corner click on that and click on "Tile Layer" ignore the other types of layers for now that will make a new layer for you and you can name it anything you want

and you can click and hit F2 on your keyboard to rename it later without any issues

Now as you can see, in the image above there is already a layer called WalkBehind

Now why did i named the layer WalkBehind?? answer for that is :-

there are 2 basic layers for pbo development there can be multiple of those 2 layers you are already mapping on 1 of em any layer which is not named "WalkBehind" game system will consider them as layer which will appear under the player

and 2nd is WalkBehind Layer which specifies the player should appear under it

the whole concept works like a sandwich where players are ingredients and the tiles are the layers of breaks above and below of it

Now select a tile and put it on layer now question is how do i know on which layer i am putting the tile on?? as you can see the WalkBehind is just single clicked which ever layer is clicked will be the layer we are putting

tile on thats how the whole mapping system works processes goes like click>put tile>click>put tile>click>put tile and so on till you are done with the whole map


Now i have putted some trees on the "WalkBehind" layer so that means? you guessed the part i putted on WalkBehind layer, it Will and always will appear above of the player

Note :- to explain the sandwhich concept i've added a player tile layer to explain how map will behave in the game with the actual player (Player Layer is not needed in the actual Map) ,
look at the image below :-


so objects like house hoods,trees waterfalls, even the light poles these all stuff which appears on the player is inside the WalkBehind Layer just think it like a real world how it works when might be looking it from top angle

now i need to complete the tree but the tree stem should appear under player

so i selected the Tile Layer 1 again and putted the tree stem


but what happened? the ground disappeared well there is a pretty easy explanation for that, ground was on Tile Layer 1 so when you putted the stem on the same layer and same part of ground it overwritten the ground and the area you selected in tileset the same area got overwritten on the ground

So how to fix it? you just need to create another normal layer, Mark the word "Normal Layer" as i mentioned any layer which is not named "WalkBehind" is a normal layer


so i just made another layer and putted the tree stem on that.

Note : Try to use under 10 Layers of map including walkbehind, Usage of Too many layers might cause performance issues on large maps.

Now you are trained with basics of Tiled Mapping and Map Development of Pokemon Blaze Online

There are plenty of more stuff like adding particles on maps, collisions and much more but i will teach you that myself personally cause that needs a proper attention but its not that hard, its just easy to make mistake in that topic

Thank you for your time

if there is any Doubt or problem in the guide you can leave a message on #help section on the official PBO discord channel :