List of Known Bugs

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Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:57 am

Here's a list of known bugs, please look at these before reporting.

Trapping is disabled (lasts 1 turn more than it should if the trapper switches out).

Custap berry and quick claw allow pokemon to move before priority moves.

Sleep counter resets when you switch and sleep can last 4 turns instead of 1-3.


Solarbeam needs to charge even in sun.

Wish doesn't heal when both players switch at the same time.

Liquidation takes recoil if used with SheerForce / LifeOrb combo.

Pain split is not healing properly.

Roost doesn't remove flying type.

Entry hazards(Stealth rock and spikes) cannot KO pokemon on switch in(gives 1 free turn with 0 hp) unless it is the last pokemon.

Life orb causes recoil to every hit when using moves that hit 2-5 times.

Spit up doesn't reset stockpike counters and raises defenses according to how many stockpiles you've used.

Swallow doesn't remove boosts from stockpile.

Grass Knot's damage doesn't match with certain pokemon's weight(Rotom Wash).

Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight doesn't heal 66% in sun or 25% in rain/hail/sand. Shore up doesnt restore 66% in sand.

Giga Impact/Hyper Beam doesn't need to recharge after being used.

Bug Bite doesn't steal berries.

Gyro Ball has 10 PP.


Defiant doesn't activate when a move lowers a stat as a secondary effect or from sticky web.

Every move boosted by prankster is stopped by dark types, even moves that dont target them.

Water Absorb/Dry Skin can have focus sash broken when being hit by a water move.

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:39 am

Thank you. I will try and strike the once which are fixed.

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