Dusk's First Attempt

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Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:31 pm

Note: This entire post was copied over from the old forums as I wish to further share my creation and I want additional feedback.

Hey guys, I wanted to share the first map I made using Tiled. It's similar to what I used to use about 8 years ago but you can clearly tell I'm rusty :D

I don't have a multi-leveled floor and I think I messed up some of the layering but here it is. I dub it Dusk Town ;)


The idea behind this map (besides just getting used to the program) was to have a go at making an event map.

Hypothetically what would the map include?

- Pokémon Center
- Poké Mart
- Interactive statues
- 8 Event mailboxes
- Grass that spawns event rares
- 2 NPC Houses (unsure what they could be used for)

What's with the mail boxes?

My idea with the mailboxes was to turn it into a game of sorts. Pokémon that spawn on the map have a chance to drop coloured tickets (Blue Ticket, Red Ticket etc). Once you get 10 of a single type of ticket you can put them into the mail box for a prize/reward. Rarity of the ticket drops would be based on the reward given (Ranging between Common-Ultra Rare). Some potential ideas include:

Yellow Mailbox: Ability Capsule.
Pink Mailbox: Random unobtainable Pokémon (Aerodactyl, Seviper, Bruxish).
Blue Mailbox: Random Evolution Item (including Soothe Bell and Link Stone).
Orange Mailbox: Random unobtainable TM (Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Waterfall).
Grey/Black Mailbox: 10,000F.
Red Mailbox: 10x Poké Balls.
Purple Mailbox: 1x Master Ball.
Green Mailbox: +5% personal EXP for one hour.

Potential Map Interactions

Interacting with the Ho-Oh statue: 'Legend says that the legendary bird Ho-Oh once protected this town from a terrible disaster.'

Interacting with the Poké Ball statue: 'Dusk Town - 2017' (can update if the map is used more than once)

Potential Pokémon Encounters

Unown - C
Tauros - UC
Plusle and Minun - R
Miltank - SR
Mimikyu - UR
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Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:30 am

an interesting idea but how would we go to the map?

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