Unprofessional staff.

If someone abused or acted wrong in absence of moderators you may show the proof here and request a action
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Hello. My name is Letrix, I'm a senior member of staff from another fan-made Pokemon title, Pokemon Revolution Online (PRO). I'm not here to slate or slander your game, I have no interest in that. If anything, I'll preface by saying that I respect your game and the effort your team has put into it. What I don't respect however is members of your staff team creating accounts on our game with the sole reason to spam advertisements for this game. That type of behaviour is rude and unprofessional and only brings bad looks for your staff team.

Your staff member, JohannES14, has made multiple threads on our board since mid-May now; 4 in total. Each one starts with a clickbait-y or misleading title.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Later the staff member joined our Discord server JohannES14#3699 and after 10 minutes (the time it takes to be allowed to talk) they instantly posted links to your Discord server.
Evidence. Ban log.

Hopefully the proof of the user's Discord tag + their message being the exact same is enough evidence. If you would like further evidence to confirm the integrity of the forum posts, I can send a censored version of the user's email address and/ or IP to a staff member via private messages. Since that is sensitive data, I won't post it on a public forum.

Hopefully appropriate action will be taken to assure this kind of behaviour isn't repeated. We don't send our staff/ community after your game so please don't do the same to ours.

My Discord @ is Jolly ol Nathan#9821 . Feel free to contact me there if you have any questions. I'd be happy to answer there.

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Thanks for reporting. This will be taken care of next time. I apologise for this. If this happens again, let me know. Thanks for being professional about it.


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This thread is closed. That won't ever happen again.
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