PBO Anniversary Event

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Hello everyone,

Since PBO completed 1 year, we thought of celebrating it with an event. And yes, as the poster describes you have a chance of getting the legendary Dogs and Mewtwo!!
So without wasting much time, let's go through the details of the event and how you can get the legendaries and other rare Pokemon.

This event takes place on the new map (Route 1) which has been added on the right-hand side of New Dawn Town (Route 1 now start from the right-hand side of New Dawn Town rather than the top of New Dawn Town and all the event related Pokemon & Traders are on the very same map.)

So the primary currency of the event is 5 different types of gemstones which are obtainable from what is known as a Gemstone Box.

These boxes are dropped at 10% by Image The chance to spawn a Sableye is 25%.

Once you obtain a Gemstone box, you can open it and obtain 1 of the 5 specified Gemstones but each gemstone has a different rate and the rates are as follows.
  • Diamond - 10%
  • Ruby - 15%
  • Sapphire - 20%
  • Emerald - 25%
  • Topaz - 30%

Once you obtain enough of these Gemstones, you can trade them for Pokemon. There are 3 different tiers of Pokemon in the event. The Tiers are as follows.
  • Low Tier or Tier 1
- Low Tier pokemon are only obtainable via PBO Anni. Tier-1 Box. The box is given Trader #1 Chimpoo in exchange of gemstones as follows
  • Diamond - 10
  • Ruby - 15
  • Sapphire - 20
  • Emerald - 25
  • Topaz - 30
The PBO Anni. Tier-1 Box box contains 6 pokemon with equal chances. The pokemon are as follows.

Image ImageImageImageImageImage

You will get 1 out of these 6 pokemon in a new box when you open PBO Anni. Tier-1 Box.

  • Middle Tier or Tier 2
- Middle tier pokemon are obtainable separately via their own boxes, i.e. They are not a random reward from a box, so you have freedom to chose. The requirements of the gemstones are as follows

  • Diamond - 15
  • Ruby - 15
  • Sapphire - 20
  • Emerald - 25
  • Topaz - 40
Here are the 3 Middle Tier pokemon with their trader names
  • Trader Pimpda - Image
  • Trader Pui - Image
  • Trader Scott - Image

  • High Tier or Tier 3
-There is only 1 high tier Pokemon and has its own box like Middle Tier Box. The requirements of the gemstones are as follows

  • Diamond - 20
  • Ruby - 25
  • Sapphire - 25
  • Emerald - 30
  • Topaz - 50
Here is the Middle Tier pokemon with its trader names
  • Trader Kuttu - Image

Now let's come to the meaty part. All these pokemon once spawned, can be either caught or defeated. If you defeat the above pokemon, they have a 100% chance of dropping an item called Legendary Orb.

3 of These Legendary Orbs can be exchanged for a PBO Anniversary Box from Trader Jaddu.

The PBO Anniversary Box contains 10 different pokemon boxes. The boxes are as follows -

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Yes, the 3 dogs boxes are obtainable from the PBO Anniversary Box.Do note that obtaining the legendary trios from the box is a little tougher than the other pokemon boxes.

The MVP of the event is Image and is given out by Trader Mui.

To obtain a Mewtwo you need to obtain all the 3 Legendary Dog Boxes (Boxes, not caught pokemon). Mui will take all the 3 boxes and will hand out Mewtwo either in your party or transfer it to one of your empty boxes. Make sure you have an empty space in your party or in a box before trading with Mui.

There are 4 more traders on the map, which takes 1 type of gemstone and return you the other type to help you get your missing gemstone if any.

The pokemon are given in boxes, so you have to open the box and catch the pokemon. So remember to carry Poke Balls preferably Ultra or Master Balls.
Legendary orbs are tradeable but the 5 different Gemstones are not. None of the legendary boxes are tradeable, so in order to get Mewtwo, you have to hunt down all the 3 Legendary Dogs on your own.

We have also added Anniversary exclusive Caveman and Cavewoman costume in donator shop. So do buy them before they are removed.

The event will run for around 2-3 weeks.

Have a wonderful event. Good luck from the PBO Team.

Snehks & Jiro

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The event is now over. Thanks, to everyone who took part. Hope you all enjoyed.