September's Tournament

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Hi everyone! Since this is the first tournament that we'll be having with (most) abilities functional, we feel it is appropriate to try to minimize restrictions on this tournament's format. Hence,

September's Tournament

Battle Style: Standard format

Battle Format: 6v6

Tournament Format: Group stages + knockout rounds (groups / standings will be announced post-registration])

Maximum level: 45

Date: 24 September, 2017

Time: 4 PM BST

Venue: Symphony Arena

Banlist / Clauses:

1. Sleep clause - Players can't put more than one of their opponent's Pokemon to sleep (automatically enforced)

2. Evasion clause - Players cannot use evasion-boosting moves, such as Minimize or Double Team. The item BrightPowder is banned.

3. Species clause - Players cannot use more than one Pokemon of the same species. (For example, a player can not use 2 Gengars in their team at the same time)

4. Slaking - No participant is allowed to use Slaking in this tournament, and any further tournament until it's ability (Truant) is functional.

5. Item clause - Players cannot use more than one of the same item on their team (excluding berries).



Image Image Image Image Image Image

Salandit | Piplup | Turtwig | Swinub | Pancham | Solosis


Image Image Image

Thick Club | TM26 - Earthquake | Prism Scale

Players must register between 6-12 Pokemon that they want to use in the tournament. These cannot be changed after they have registered, unless they ask an admin.

To register for the tournament, the players must fill the following entry form:

Last date for registration is the 22nd of September.

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