August Monotype Tournament

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Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:13 pm

Hi everyone! As you may know, PBO will feature one major tournament in the last week of each month, and the details for those tournaments will be added to this thread during the first half of every month. To start-off, you can find the details for August's tournament below:

August Monotype Tournament

Battle Style: Monotype *

Battle Format: 3v3

Tournament Format: Group stages + knockout rounds (groups / standings can be checked here:

Maximum level: 40

Date: 27 August, 2017

Time: 6 PM BST

Venue: Symphony Arena

Banlist / Clauses:

1. Sleep clause - Players can't put more than one of their opponent's Pokemon to sleep (automatically enforced)

2. Evasion clause - Players cannot use evasion-boosting moves, such as Minimize or Double Team. The item BrightPowder is banned.

3. Species clause - Players cannot use more than one Pokemon of the same species. (For example, a player can not use 2 Gengars in their team at the same time)

4. Slaking - No participant is allowed to use Slaking in this tournament, and any further tournament until it's ability (Truant) is functional.



Image Image Image Image Image Image

Fennekin | Mudkip | Drillbur | Togepi | Pancham | Skrelp


Image Image Image

Shiny Stone | TM13 - Ice Beam | Prism Scale

Players must register a type, which cannot be changed after registration. Within that type, they can choose from 3-6 Pokemon, which can be switched in-between rounds.

To register for the tournament, the players must fill the entry form, which can be found here:

Last date for registration is the 25th of August.

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Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:45 pm

Without giving away anything about your team what do you guys expect to see at the tournament (Pokémon or types)?

Personally I would imagine seeing a lot of typed teams which has a 0x resistance against something.

Examples would include:

Normal = 0x damage from Ghost
Ghost = 0x damage from Normal AND Fighting
Ground = 0x damage from Electric
Flying = 0x damage from Ground
Dark = 0x damage from Psychic
Steel = 0x damage from Poison
Fairy = 0x damage from Dragon

My thought process behind this is that if you had a steel type team for example and went up against a poison type team it would pretty much be a free win unless they had a move on each of their Pokémon to counter steel types which would be very unlikely.
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Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:07 pm

I'd expect to see quite a lot of poison or bug teams, maybe even something like Flying. That's mainly down to the offensive diversity these teams have, which means that the cover a lot of other types pretty well. But, then again, there would definitely be people who look at it from the resistance point-of-view, so you can see some teams that are steel or dark or even ghost type.

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