Staff Auctions (October-November)

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PBO staff will be holding an auction consisting of generally rare or unobtainable Pokemon this Sunday (29th October 7PM BST). Here is the list of all the Pokemon which are going to be auctioned.


There are total 18 Pokemon to be auctioned. 6 out of these 18 will be told before auctioned (i.e. you will know what you are bidding for). The next 12 will be untold and once u win a bid, a online randomiser will be ran to get the Pokemon for you.

The 6 Pokemon which are going to be told are
  • Shiny Eevee
  • Shiny Treecko
  • Shiny Horsea
  • Feroseed
  • Axew
  • Mereanie

There are a few rules which should be followed during auction.
  • Only 1 Pokemon is allowed per account.
  • Sharing money with other players and then asking them to bid for you to get 2 Pokemon is prohibited (Giving money to other players for them to bid on your behalf is allowed if you cannot take part in auction). This rule is added to make sure rule 1 is not broken.
  • Fake bids are prohibited. Do not bid the amount you cannot present to the staff as trading will be banned during auctions.

The rules might be changed anytime before auctions take place

Failing to follow them will lead to either the Pokemon being confiscated along with money wipe and a temporary ban.