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Patch Notes:

Version 1.2.1

#Released banks and ATM. You can now move your money safely to them. ATM’s require membership whereas Bank in Bijli is free to use.
#Fixed bug with wrong data of moves showing up client side.
#Released Move-Relearner
#Fixed Jump kick moves
#Added new items in donator shop
#Added @link-hyperlink command to post hyperlinks on global chat
#A dialog now shows up when new move is available to learn
#Many other minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.0

#Added new classes of NPC.
#NPC can now be triggered from all 4 directions.
#Day Night cycle shortened. 6AM to 12PM and 6PM to 12AM is Day. 12PM till 6PM and 12AM till 6AM is night.
#You can now toggle chat scrolling from the gameplay settings panel inside settings dialog.
#You can now toggle visibility of your trainer card to other trainers from the gameplay settings panel inside settings dialog.
#Changed colour of trade panel.
#You can now expand your storage boxes as Storage Box are now available for purchase. (Storage boxes are currently only available for donators and will soon be added in marts)
#Removed mart messages from other tab.
#Fixed Farfetch'd client crash.
#Many moves fixed.
#Pokemon and trainer ID's are now visible on cards.
#Dialogs can now be cycled using E button. Enter button still works.
#You can now right click trade tab to get a pop for selecting trade pokemon.
#You can now interact with signboards across the game.

Version 1.3.1
#Fixed day and night bug.
#Fixed flee formula.

Version 1.3.2

#Battle Tower is now accessible via Lansoil City. Battle tower wins give you tokens which can later be used
#Gym 5 is now available
#1 SP is now 2 HP. You will get all your SP's invested in HP back.
#Gym 4's AI has been tweaked a little and new Pokemons are added.
#Gym 1 and 2 pokemons got their base stats fixed.

Version 1.3.3

#The reward store for the Battle Tower has been added.
#Added healing spots at Route 5 / Milen Bridge / Nuzbar Village
#Burmy-Sandy / Wormadam-Sandy are no longer bugged upon capture.
#The battle tower's Pokemon have been revamped, with several new additions.
#Some moves have been fixed, such as Defog / Electro Ball / Stored Power / Power Trip.
#Yellow Shard drop rate has become less painful.
#Added missing speeches for ATMs / Skynet bots.
#General bug fixes, such as the warp NPC at Battle Tower.

Version 1.4.0

#Added crews.
#Added global drop-rate boosts and 3-hour exp boost.
#Added icons for the donator shop.
#Fixed some errors in the Battle Tower Pokémon.
#Fixed the PP issues of Ice Punch and Air Slash
#Some minor spawn edits (some Pokémon are slower now) and raised levels at Oozy Forest.
#Yellow Shard drop rate bumped a little.
#Resolution can now be changed via graphic settings

Version 1.5.0

#Abilities have now been added. Not all the abilities are working. Please check forums for the list of working abilities.
#Wild pokemon now spawn with their abilities. The wild pokemon will retain its ability when caught.
#Added @help, @keys and @changelog command.
#Added shorthands for sending messages in various chat channels without switching channels.
#Added Terrain moves.
#The order of execution of battle actions after attack phase is fixed.
#Toxic Orb and Flame Orb should now work.
#PBO Membership has been added in place of Bank Membership. PBO Membership reduced the cost of Skynet Bot by 25%.

Version 1.5.1

#Gym 6 has been released along with a dozen new maps.
#Added Achievement System. Every achievement currently has 5 levels. You start at level 0 and every level unlocked gives you equivalent skill points. These skill points can later be used for rewards.
#Updated the side-panel UI to make it more space-efficient.
#Added World Map. The World Map can be accessed by pressing the world map button on the "Top-Right" Panel.
#Added Emojis. Use :) :( :o etc to try them out. (They currently only work for Global Chat)
#Added overworld sprites i.e. Your party leader will now follow you. (Note: Some Gen. 7 overworld sprites are missing and hence you won't see those pokemon following you)
#Implemented running shoes, which can be used by going in bag and using them (once you get them). To remove them type @remove-shoes in Global Chat. Note: Overworld sprite disappears when you attach running shoes.
#Minor change in fishing system. To fish, you need to go to your bag and use the Fishing Rod (once) which will then attach the rod to you. You can then go to the fishing spots and press 'F' to access them.
#Added Raid Bosses. (NPCs that battle you once every day, and have a chance to drop some very good items)
#Fixed Water Bubble and Levitate.
#Ability Capsule added (available at the battle tower reward store).
#Pokemon buttons in Storage Box now shows pokemon details on hover.
#Pokemon attacks in Party Pokemon Dialog shows attack description on hover.
#Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
#Added typing text, you cannot skip it by default. You can change that via Gameplay Settings.

Version 1.5.1

#Sprite crash fix.

Version 1.5.3

#Added Pokedex version 0.1.
#Added friend system. You can now add friends as well as block users from sending you a PM. You will get a notification when your friend is online.
#Added Portuguese speeches for all the dialogues. You can change your language in gameplay settings section inside Settings (Remember to change your map for the change to take effect).
#Added a few new expansion maps.
# Added some new quests.
#Added starter trader in professor's lab. You can exchange your fully evolved Gen 7 starter for any other starter from all 7 gens.
# Added 4 types of beards for customisation. 2 of them can be bought from Lehar's mart.
#Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.5.4
#Halloween event is now live. Please visit your house in New Dawn Town and speak with Mom and Dad.
#More Portuguese translation added.
#Fixed Air Slash PP bug.
# Fixed bug with weather inducing abilities.
#Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.5.5
#Various new maps have been added.
#Crew skills are now available.
#Seventh gym is now available.
#Various quests have been added.
#Spawn list reworked and updated (Check forums for more details)
#Hexer quest-line updated with further story.
#Super Saiyajin Blue, Hydreigon Wings & Baseball caps added in donator shop.
#Added Super Saiyan Gohan hair in Lehar's mart.

Pokemon Removed:
Mapple Leaf - Ducklett
Boulder Cavern - Basculin
Boulder Cavern B1F - Hariyama, Makuhita, Clefairy, Cleffa, Lairon, Aron, Wismur, Loudred
Old PP - Nosepass, Probopass, Klink, Klang
Bijli - Oricorio (honey bijli)
Route 3 Cliff Side - Blitzle, Spoink
Route 4 - Slakoth (honey), moved Foongus (honey) at Oozy Faunas
Route 4 Shores - Tentacool, Corphish
Lehar City - Remoraid
Lehar City Shores - Remoraid
Route 5 - Teddiursa, Jigglypuff, Seaking
Grayroot Pass - Stantler
Lansoil - Krabby
Cresemum Beach - Comfey (first map honey), Stunfish (third map honey), Crabrawler(first map)
Volcano - Tortunator, Magby moved to Admin room, Darumaka, Darmanitan, Torkoal
Oozy - Scizor, Leafeon, Shuckles, Sunkern, Gastrodo and Quagsire moved to Fauna

Version 1.5.6
#Added 5 new premium healers. The premium healers will heal your party if you hold PBO membership.
#Added Priest of Experience and Priest of Item Drop Rates. The priest accept in game cash and donator tokens. Once they reach their threshold values, they will double the amount of exp/item drop rate respectively.
#Added NPC which buys item. You can access it in the mart in Rockshore City.
#Added missing translations.
#Added ranked PVP battles (testing phase with no rewards). To do a ranked PVP battle you will need 3 pokemon in your party with max level equivalent to 20 + your current badge * 10. You can only battle ranked with the person having same number of badges as you have. Once you battled someone, you will need to wait 10 minutes before you can battle them again.
#Fixed some spawns.
#Honey, Yellow Shards and Red Shards are now tradeable.

Version 1.5.7
#Added new maps for Crew Wars. Crew wars will start as their usual timings from 30th November 2017.

Version 1.5.8
#Added gym 8 and a lot of new maps.
#You can now give name to your storage boxes. You can view/update the name at the bottom of storage box.
#Pokemon move set has now been updated to the latest generation. All the missing egg/tutor/level up moves should not be present.
#Added @showteam command to show entire team at once.
#New training rooms added.
#Wild money drop rate changed. Now money dropped ranges from 1-5F. The max you can get from a wild battle is capped to 5F after adding crew bonus.
#Added move Tailwind.
#Fixed bug with sheer force which was causing opponent stats to be lowered.
#Fixed a lot of bugs reported on discord. (Check pokeball emoji added to the fixed ones.)
#Exp. share is now coded. (Not in any shop yet)
#A lot of changes in Crew Wars. A new island is now being used with CW Teleporter warping to random locations on that map. You also get tokens from PVP wins on CW maps now. Crew war battles are also timed now to X seconds per move, if you don’t make a move in X seconds, move will be chosen automatically.
#Shiny pokemon caught are now capped to level 40 i.e. if you catch a higher level than 40, then it will be brought down to level 40.
#Big Root and Terrain Extender coded.
#Egg tutor now requires 4 yellow shards instead of 5.
#Ability bug is now fixed. (Bug where some pokemon were not getting the right ability after evolution.)
#A special item called Pokemon Gamble Box has been added in game. It contains total 8 Pokemon with 4 Common, 2 Uncommon, 1 Rare and 1 Ultra Rare. The item is available in crew wars shop and Donator Shop (in pokemon section). The Ultra Rare will be updated every month in the box. Make sure you carry ultra balls as the ultra rares usually have low catch rate.
#A lot of optimization on client to lower more memory consumption.
#You can now press 'Enter' key on login screen after typing password for logging in (finally).

Version 1.5.9
#Added trade house. It can be accessible via bottom left panel.
#Updated surprise box and pokemon gamble box.

Version 1.5.10
#Added daily reward claim button in top right panel.
#Updated crew wars battle timer mechanics. You will not be kicked from server if you stall for more than 2 times.
#Added ranked battles dialog for both level 50 and level 100.

Version 1.5.11
# Elite 4 has now been released.
# Ranked battles are now live. They are active at different times during the day. More details will be shared on forums and discord soon. (Use @ladder to view ladder.)
# Added new costumes in donator shop.
# Halved the experience needed to level up till level 50 and reduced the experience after level 50 by 25%.
# Increased amount of trade house slots.
# Fixed some reported move & ability bugs.
# Updated monthly trader pokemon for next 3 months.

Version 1.5.12
# Added level 100 trades.
# Added 2 new costumes in donator shop and added joker mask in Rockshore mart.
# Trick room is now working.
# Added Battle Royale Crew Wars format. Crew with most wins get the most tokens. More details will be given on forums.
# Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.5.13
# Added a new map between New Dawn Town and Route 1.
# Now you can press Enter when you select and item to "use" it and press enter again to click "yes".
# Fixed defog and other evasion related moves.
# PBO Anniversary Event is online (2-3 weeks).

Version 1.5.14
# Added Ramon Cave. A cave where spawns is changed everyday. The total sets are 7 and one of them is randomly selected everyday (midnight). All the common pokemon are non-catchable on that map and you can only catch the pokemon which are announced (Ultra rares and Super rares). You cannot catch common shinies on this map.
# You can now copy a message from chat on to your clipboard by double clicking it.
# You can now see map names when you hover on world map town icons.
# Some minor bug fixes.

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