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Here are currently available in PBO. The encounter rates / locations will not be revealed here. For that, check the user-created spawn guides.

Abra Image
Aggron Image
Aipom Image
Alakazam Image
Alomomola Image
Altaria Image
Ambipom Image
Amoonguss Image
Ampharos Image
Araquanid Image
Arbok Image
Ariados Image
Aron Image
Azumarill Image
Azurill Image
Banette Image
Basculin Image
Beautifly Image
Beedrill Image
Bellossom Image
Bibarel Image
Bidoof Image
Boldore Image
Bonsly Image
Bounsweet Image
Braviary Image
Breloom Image
Budew Image
Buneary Image
Bunnelby Image
Burmy Image
Burmy-Sandy Image
Butterfree Image
Cacnea Image
Cacturne Image
Carvanha Image
Cascoon Image
Caterpie Image
Chimecho Image
Chingling Image
Clauncher Image
Clawitzer Image
Clefable Image
Clefairy Image
Cleffa Image
Combee Image
Corphish Image
Corsola Image
Crawdaunt Image
Crobat Image
Crustle Image
Cubone Image
Cutiefly Image
Deerling Image
Delcatty Image
Dewpider Image
Diggersby Image
Diglett Image
Diglett-Alola Image
Drifblim Image
Drifloon Image
Ducklett Image
Dugtrio Image
Dugtrio-Alola Image
Dunsparce Image
Dustox Image
Dwebble Image
Eevee Image
Ekans Image
Electabuzz Image
Electivire Image
Electrike Image
Electrode Image
Elekid Image
Emolga Image
Espeon Image
Exeggcute Image
Exeggutor Image
Exeggutor-Alola Image
Exploud Image
Farfetch'd Image
Fearow Image
Feebas Image
Finneon Image
Flaaffy Image
Flabebe Image
Flareon Image
Floette Image
Florges Image
Flygon Image
Foongus Image
Furret Image
Gallade Image
Galvantula Image
Gardevoir Image
Gastly Image
Gengar Image
Geodude Image
Geodude-Alola Image
Gigalith Image
Glaceon Image
Glameow Image
Gloom Image
Gogoat Image
Golbat Image
Goldeen Image
Golduck Image
Golem Image
Golem-Alola Image
Granbull Image
Graveler Image
Graveler-Alola Image
Growlithe Image
Grubbin Image
Grumpig Image
Gumshoos Image
Gyarados Image
Hariyama Image
Haunter Image
Heracross Image
Hippopotas Image
Hippowdon Image
Hitmonchan Image
Hitmonlee Image
Hitmontop Image
Honchkrow Image
Hoothoot Image
Horsea Image
Houndoom Image
Houndour Image
Illumise Image
Jigglypuff Image
Jolteon Image
Jolteon Image
Joltik Image
Jumpluff Image
Kadabra Image
Kakuna Image
Kingdra Image
Kingler Image
Kirlia Image
Klang Image
Klink Image
Klinklang Image
Komala Image
Krabby Image
Lairon Image
Leafeon Image
Leavanny Image
Ledian Image
Ledyba Image
Linoone Image
Lombre Image
Lopunny Image
Lotad Image
Ludicolo Image
Lumineon Image
Luvdisc Image
Luxio Image
Luxray Image
Machamp Image
Machoke Image
Machop Image
Magikarp Image
Magnemite Image
Magneton Image
Magnezone Image
Makuhita Image
Mandibuzz Image
Mankey Image
Mantine Image
Mantyke Image
Maractus Image
Mareep Image
Marill Image
Marowak Image
Marowak-Alola Image
Masquerain Image
Mawile Image
Meowth Image
Meowth-Alola Image
Metapod Image
Mightyena Image
Milotic Image
Morelull Image
Munchlax Image
Murkrow Image
Nidoking Image
Nidoqueen Image
Nidoran-F Image
Nidoran-M Image
Nidorina Image
Nidorino Image
Ninetales Image
Noctowl Image
Noibat Image
Noivern Image
Nosepass Image
Nuzleaf Image
Octillery Image
Oddish Image
Onix Image
Oricorio Image
Pachirisu Image
Paras Image
Parasect Image
Patrat Image
Pelipper Image
Persian Image
Persian-Alola Image
Pichu Image
Pidgeot Image
Pidgeotto Image
Pidgey Image
Pidove Image
Pikachu Image
Pikipek Image
Pinsir Image
Politoed Image
Poliwag Image
Poliwhirl Image
Poliwrath Image
Ponyta Image
Poochyena Image
Primeape Image
Probopass Image
Psyduck Image
Purugly Image
Quagsire Image
Raichu Image
Raichu-Alola Image
Ralts Image
Rapidash Image
Raticate Image
Raticate-Alola Image
Rattata Image
Rattata-Alola Image
Relicanth Image
Remoraid Image
Rhyhorn Image
Ribombee Image
Roggenrola Image
Rufflet Image
Sableye Image
Sandshrew Image
Sandygast Image
Sawsbuck Image
Scatterbug Image
Scizor Image
Scyther Image
Seadra Image
Seaking Image
Seedot Image
Sentret Image
Sewaddle Image
Sharpedo Image
Shellder Image
Shiftry Image
Shiinotic Image
Shinx Image
Shroomish Image
Shuckle Image
Shuppet Image
Silcoon Image
Skiddo Image
Skitty Image
Slaking Image
Slakoth Image
Slowbro Image
Slowpoke Image
Snubbull Image
Spearow Image
Spewpa Image
Spoink Image
Stantler Image
Staraptor Image
Staravia Image
Starly Image
Starmie Image
Staryu Image
Steelix Image
Stenee Image
Stufful Image
Sudowoodo Image
Surskit Image
Swablu Image
Swadloon Image
Swellow Image
Swoobat Image
Taillow Image
Tangela Image
Teddiursa Image
Tentacool Image
Timburr Image
Tranquill Image
Trapinch Image
Tropius Image
Trumbeak Image
Tsareena Image
Tynamo Image
Tyrogue Image
Umbreon Image
Unfezant Image
Vaporeon Image
Venipede Image
Venomoth Image
Venonat Image
Vibrava Image
Vigoroth Image
Vikavolt Image
Vileplume Image
Vivillon Image
Volbeat Image
Voltorb Image
Vullaby Image
Vulpix Image
Wailmer Image
Wailord Image
Watchog Image
Weedle Image
Whismur Image
Wigglytuff Image
Wimpod Image
Wingull Image
Woobat Image
Wormadam-Plant Image
Wormadam-Sandy Image
Wurmple Image
Yungoos Image
Zigzagoon Image
Zubat Image

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Thanks for the guide - honestly I prefer this over the player created ones as it makes encountering new areas more exciting. So long as you remember the rule of thumb that anything between level 1 and level 3 are uncommon or rarer you'll be fine (not including some towns and routes at the beginning of the game).

edit: also kudos for including so many images, transferring one post with only one image from the old forum was hell enough for me haha
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Hehe, it wasn't easy, but I'm glad that it was worth it!

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Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:32 pm

DevR , scraggy and scrafty are available too :)

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Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:30 pm

Oh yeah, I'll add them. TY!

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Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:13 pm

hello everyone my question today is when Bianca ask me in the game to find heatran spot I decided to fight groudon where it normally appear and a white ball level one monster appear with groudon but when I try to caught it my game freeze is there any way to catch it and what it is?

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Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:05 pm

i did catch a shiny tampole from another OT right befor pinwheel forest around the fighting rock (star piece) I don't know how it possible to catch a pokemon from another OT

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