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Fri May 04, 2018 9:48 pm

Hello everyone, so basically I am thinking of adding more variations of Crew Wars or you can say looking for more ideas to make game more fun for crews and at the same time keep healthy competition going amongst the crews.

Please post any ideas you have which will involve crews competing against each other. The best ideas will be implemented in game.

Please don't post anything which doesn't involve crews competing against each other.

An example idea which was suggested on forum was to make crews hunt a specific nature and ability pokemon on a map. The crew which shows the most of that pokemon in an hour wins.


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Fri May 04, 2018 9:54 pm

Put 2 times in a day to do Cw: For example 12:00AM and 12:00PM. We have an high comunity in different countrys and different times. That will be helpful to all players. Ty

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Fri May 04, 2018 9:57 pm

The players that have joined at Morning dont will be able to play the same CW at night

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Tue May 08, 2018 8:50 am

That's not an idea BrotherBear but more of a suggestion. Doesn't belong to this thread :P

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Thu May 31, 2018 12:20 pm

So, here's my pitch on CW format with battle royale format in mind.

The first map - wild pokemon spawn map with 2 npcs - one to accept crystals to let ppl inside cw exclusive pokecenter / another to send players back to Rockshore
The second map is a cw exclusive pokecenter (heal & spawn save, access to pokebox), inside the pokecenter - 2 npcs are stationed
The third map - lvl 50 battle royale (optional: 1 npc to send back to the second map to heal up after each battle?)
The forth map - lvl 100 battle royale (optional: 1 npc to send back to the second map to heal up after each battle?)

1. people enter the first map through a Rockshore npc just like current cw (map entry limit - level 50 max)

2. the first map spawns wild pokemons that drop 3 kinds of crystals, fragments, or whatchamacallit (no money, no xp gain, no money loss from losing wild battles)

3. wild pokemons with different levels and crystals spawn in 3 different zones within the first map
i.e) level 10 wild pokemons - green(to represent newb :D) crystals / level 30 ones - blue / level 50 - red (hardcore rawr)
Q. why no lvl 100 wild beasts? so that crews with lower level members can also enjoy and contribute to this cw - after all, cw is open to all with gym 1 badge.

4. each crew needs to collect certain number of crystals from crew members and submit those crystals
to a npc that's blocking entry into the cw-exclusive pokecenter
(# of lower lvl crystals > # of higher lvl crystals to make newbies useful in this stage / arbitrary number: 200 green crystals, 100 blue, 10 red)

5. once a crew member submits all crystals - crystal npc lets members enter inside the cw-exclusive pokecenter to heal up / save spawn for upcoming battles during cw.
Now, these crew members have access to pokemons beyond level 50 from pokeboxes inside the cw-excl. pokecenter.
2 npcs in total are stationed inside cw-excl pokecenter
-1st one will lead to battle royale lvl 50s map
-2nd will lead to battle royale lvl 100s map
The exit from the pokecenter will allow players to go into the first map again to farm GREEN crystals only, so that any newbs can act useful during this cw time frame.
One may even choose to farm up green crystals with lvl 100 as there is no npc to check level cap from cw exclusive pokecenter, unlike the Rockshore npc.

5-a) All crystals should be tradeable exclusively to same crew members.
Only green crystals shall remain in a player's inventory after the cw time.
Any excessive blue and red crystals will simply expire and disappear from inventory space after cw time.

6. hack & slash & blood bath everywhere until cw time expires
- when cw time expires, all the wild pokemons inside the second map should also stop spawning to prevent farming beyond cw time.
- the npc blocking entrance of cw-exclusive pokecenter should reset immediately after the cw time expires to prevent re-entry from anyone lingering in the second map.
- same goes to npcs inside the cw-exclusive pokecenter to prevent people from entering battle royale after cw time frame.

Actually, I just came up with an additional idea: to actually have double exp on green crystal pokemons (lvl 10s) than their wild counterparts.
With this double exp option available to newbs, this will give decent incentives for newbs to join crews and participate in crew war.
Current model: "uh-oh, we don't have enough veterans/man power" = we should give up crew war entirely today :(
My alternative model: "uh oh, we don't have enough vets" = 1. hey, we can still farm green crystals to help our crew prep for next cw!
2. and I'm having free double exp! I can level up faster! cw is awesome! I should get online more during cw! :D

My key idea orients around the first map and second map to act as a buffer/coupler with any other CW formats in the future.
So, I think this can even be bridged with current cw format - having npc inside the cw-pokecenter to start the current capture-the-flag race.

Please feel free to dissect my idea with constructive criticism :D

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