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Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:23 am

I will not argue much here.
I stayed all day without playing, I only went to cw and to buy a tyrgoue that I was warned by the discord of the crew, that was for sale.

This banishment now, I had just entered the game, because the crew asked me to enter to donate to the drop priest, I went in, I donated, and I got my plate for dinner, except that when I opened the notebook it was in rest, soon everything that was open remained open, consequently the macro of the work was still open and I did not notice until I heard the staff in the discord talking about the ban, that's where I scanned my screen and saw the macro in the corner of the screen still open.

If I checked the game log, I would see that I had just entered the game, and to ask everyone in the illusion crew who was in the discord at the moment, I went in because they called me, and had gone to pick up my food.

Even if I do not remove the ban permanently, I at least withdraw the ban so I can return to crew the pokes that the player ryanzero loaned me, because he left with me during the time he is absent from the game, when he returns and see that he has lost these pokes, it will probably remove the game.

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Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:55 pm

You were warned earlier as well. The appeal is denied and no pokemon will be returned.