Incredibly Fast Battles

Do you hate repetitively long battles? PBO has the fastest battling system designed for you to spend less time grinding and more time having fun!

Feature-filled Gameplay

PBO features one of the most complete story-line driven regions with many storyline related quest and side quest!

Scenic Atmosphere

Immerse yourself in a classic Pokémon region in beautiful custom-made maps! Currently PBO features the Sinnoh Region but many more will come soon.

Expansive Pokédex

PBO features a vast amount of Pokémon from Generations 1 - 8. With so much to choose from, so many possibilities exist for anyone and everyone!

Weekly Competitions

Compete against your fellow players in PVP and PVE and win some sweet rewards! Currently PBO features random swarms, fishing contest, dynamax raids and more!


PBO features an Achievement system that covers a wide variety of goals to complete ingame and rewards you for completing them!



Pokémon Blaze Online is a free-to-play fan-made Pokémon MMO that started development in June of 2016. In July of 2017 the game was released with a custom stat-system in mind that was supposed to allow for the user to make any Pokémon become competitively viable, but this feature was since scrapped. In August of 2018, Pokémon Blaze Online went down for extended development, and has since undergone many changes.

Pokémon Blaze Online features a wide-variety of content that has been created with the end-user in mind, the Team has spent countless hours building an enjoyable game for everyone. The game is available to play on all mainstream platforms, including iOS.



What Fellow Trainers Are Saying

Well, I would like to thank the team for creating a game that is addictive and might cost me my wife and job.

Ninja0121 Ninja0121

Very competitive game with good features, good community, and the Devs are always in touch with us.
crazyping12 crazyping12

Am I suspect to talk about PBO? It’s the #1 MMORPG
beta beta

Recent News

Ranked Battles have arrived!

Hello Trainers, We have now launched the Ranked Battle system. You can access this from the UI at the bottom of your screen just look for this icon There are lots rewards to be earnt along with Weekly/Monthly rewards for the top players. With the update also brings a new Ranked Battle Token Trader that […]

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Features added since launch – 8/9/2021

Hello Trainers, This is a bit delayed but here is a list of features that were updated and introduced since Pokémon Blaze Online launched.   April The introduction of the Safari Zone that can be accessed via Safari tickets, which can be obtained from completing the daily objectives or bought from any Poké Mart Crew […]

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