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What happens in Veilstone stays in Veilstone

Go check out our casino in Veilstone city in the Sinnoh region. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones!

There you will find a very big range of prizes, things you’ll only be able to get from the casino shop.

Most gamblers who head into a casino have an innate desire to win. Those who do it for fun, though, have nothing to worry about in the long term. But remember, better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold πŸ™‚

Interact with the “screens/slot machines” to open up casino dialog. You can use the “Help” button to check how it works and how many tokens you can win with different combinations! Probability is the same for all combinations.

β€œThe gambler who expects to lose is the happiest person at the track.”


  • October 11, 2022


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