Hey Trainers, We are excited to announce a brand-new gameplay element that adds a layer of depth—literally—to Pokémon Blaze Online. Introducing the Underwater Treasure Hunt feature. Mechanics Overview When you defeat a surf spawn, there's now a 1 in 1500 chance that you'll be transported to an underwater map. Upon arrival, a 2-minute timer starts. This limited time can be extended using 'Air Bubbles,' which are acquirable within this underwater environment. Reward Structure Inside this underwater map, Pokémon will have a 10x money drop rate.

Hey Trainers, Good news just rolled in! Pokémon Blaze Online has expanded its language support to include Spanish. Yep, you read that right. What's Translated? We've gone all out to make the game as accessible as possible. Not just the UI, but NPC dialogues have also been translated. It's a full package! How to Switch Language Ready to try the game in Spanish? Here's how: Head to "Settings." Click on "Game Settings." Select "Language," then choose "Spanish." And you're all set! Platform Availability Quick note: This update is

You heard it from us folks. PBO now have Random battles. Simply head over to the ladder and select Randoms where you will be given a random set of Pokémon to use vs others. You can even find your friends in game and use the quick menu to start a random battle! PvP has become much more exciting, even non PvPers can win just ask DarkMiyte. So join us now and be part of the fun!

With Osiris going crazy over his dead wife, you are the only hope for Jvaloh. Have you got in you to protect Jvaloh and become its new champion?

Are you ready to start a brand new Journey? Are you ready to unravel brand new mysteries? The waiting is almost over!!! Get your Poké Balls ready and put your Runnings Shoes on. Jvaloh is just around the corner and a brand new adventure awaits you. After over a year of development, you will now get to meet Professor Blaze and his niece Nushkie so that you can start an adventure like no other!!! The three starter Pokémon are Rowlet the Grass/Flying Pokémon, Litten the

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