Pokemon Blaze Online

Challenging Champions!

Attention, Trainers of Pokémon Blaze Online!

Prepare yourselves for an electrifying experience as several prominent NPC characters from the Sinnoh storyline have evolved into formidable Champions, ready to engage in epic rematches with trainers like you!

Among the illustrious line-up of Champions are familiar names that have left big marks on our journey through the Sinnoh region. Brace yourselves for encounters with the likes of Dawn, Cynthia, Cyrus and even Giratina (among others)! Numerous iconic characters stand as formidable opponents, eager to test your skills and determination.

I shouldn’t call you a child anymore. You’ve grown into a real Champion!

– Professor Rowan

Engage in strategic battles, unleash the full potential of your Pokémon, and seize the opportunity to prove your mettle against the Champions of Pokémon Blaze Online. Sharpen your skills, train your team, and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with twists, turns, and triumphs.

These Champions will require some specific things from you before they will accept your challenge. Full information is found on the discord or on our new and improved forum!

It’s a 10 million fine if you’re late!

– Barry

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to expand and enhance your Pokémon experience. New adventures are Hoenn soon to be added!

Are you prepared to face the Champions? The challenge awaits!

See you in-game!
Game Master
Pokémon Blaze Online


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