Features added since launch – 8/9/2021

Hello Trainers,

This is a bit delayed but here is a list of features that were updated and introduced since Pokémon Blaze Online launched.



  • The introduction of the Safari Zone that can be accessed via Safari tickets, which can be obtained from completing the daily objectives or bought from any Poké Mart
  • Crew Wars was added, you can access it via your crew card providing you have unlocked the skill or by going to the Fast travel NPC in Hearthome.
  • New Trade House UI was added
  • Blaze Radar was added, this item prevents you from running from a UR, Legendary or Shiny Pokémon this item can be baught from the Poké Mart.
  • PBO Discord Bot introduced. The bot announces events from in game such as Swarms, Experience buffs, Dynamax Raids, Server Status’s
  • New Mounts added



  • Legendary Caverns were added to the  3 Lakes, these can be accessed after defeating the Elite 4 and catching 200 unique Pokémon.
  • 3 New maps were added
  • Blaze coins were added
  • Experience priest was added
  • Treasure Hunts. Items will randomly be found across any outside map and can spawn at anytime
  • Dragonballs / Dragonball store added Dragonballs can be found randomly found on any outside map. Dragonball store can be found in the cave at Solaceon Town
  • New Mounts added



In June the the main focus was on improving Pokémon’s Moves, abilitys and items and restructuring Event/Crew Wars times as well as other various bug fixes that can be found in the Patch notes



  • Battle frontier was added, you can travel there by talking to the sailor at Canalave City Port.
  • New maps with new spawns were added near the Battle Frontier Area.
  • Stark mountain are was added.
  • Luck protection system (V 1.0) was introduced. The system will boost your encounter rates for UR and Legendary if you do not encounter them for a set number of spawns (values hidden).
  • Roaming Pokemon system (V 1.0) was introduced.
  • New Event timer UI was introduced
  • Team Preview (V 1.0) was implimented
  • First Legendary mount added along with other mounts



  • Battle Tower was added. This is the unlimited tower which can be access via Fight Area. Detailed information can be found in the guides on the forum
  • Added Daily, Weekly and Monthly Leaderboard in the achievements UI.
  • New outfits and Mounts added


For an indepth overview of every change/fix please refer to the patch notes that can be found Here

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