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You are catching many Pokemon, dont know how to do EV properly or you are just lazy?
Then YOU are at the right Place!

Some information about me:
My Forumname is the same as ingame and in Discord (Onel), I have 8 badges, beat the e4 and besides PBO I have played a lot of Pokemon.

How will this work?:
I will screenshot every trade, thats the best for both sides (when I get the Pokemon and when I give them back) and will takes Screenshots before and after the EV training.
You just need to fill my "formular" to get started.

Anything else? (Attacks or something else):

The prize to EV Train a Pokemon (for now) costs 3.000. The price can change.

I am looking forward to your orders !

Greetings Onel

Happy Customer:
Sceo, Arya
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