Pvp Schooling, Teambuilding... 50K/h

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Hello guys,
I am offering classes on showdown/discord explaining the basics, tips and many things you need to know to be decent at pvp.
I am teaching in English or Spanish too.

I had been playing pokemon since years and I have quite a lot of experience:
-Top 100 gen5 Ou showdown(it was my first gen knowing what Iv's and Ev's were)
- I have been rank 1 on gen6 OU showdown
-Top 20 gen 8 OU
-Top 10 as well in all other MMO games

I will be explaining Teambuilding, types of archetypes, best Pokemons for Blaze Online, and what meta pokes we will have here, and we will make a team based on what you like, and test it. As well as many ideas, or how to play against pro players, or newbies("they can be hard sometimes to deal with them xD) and some other things wich are important when doing Pvp, when to ladder, waiting for a game...

If anyone interested, send me a Reply here, or ingame : KingOfPvp

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