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Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Can the casual PVP has level scaled to 100 also?

I thought it would be beneficial for new pokemon players and also for those who don't have that much time to grind to 100.
For example, I myself don't have much experience playing pvp and I still use my E4 team to crew war in which I have like 10 wins max with like triple the losses.
I would like to test my new rain team (suggestions from google) but all my friends mostly have level 100 pokemons so I would need to grind to 100 to even try my new team. (Crew war is just too overwhelming for me to even learn something during the pvp session).

Also, my crew is all casual players who don't play much after finishing elite 4 and I don't think we are the only crew like that. Being able to casually pvp without grinding pokemons should be a better experience for us all.
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+1 I think the same, even tho arent crew wars already doing that?
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I did mention about crew war in the post, it's just too time specific. Not to mention, not all has free time to commit to crew war. (Timezones differences as well, I can only play on Sunday, at 4am...)

I want to be able to pvp with my friends for fun at anytime without the restriction of levels.
Being able to PvP with new pokemons without needing to grind should enable more experiments with new teams or at least more experience in the PvP setting.
Not many people has experience in competitive pokemon and I've seen the ingame chat talking about how the skill standard of the players is very low during crew war.

While people can theorize (or copy other teams), they can't experience using the team as they would have to level to 100 to even have random battles with other players. And even if you grinded your new pvp team to 100, not all has a level 100 PvP team.

Sometimes I get a pvp request (probably by accident) by other players while I am grinding, and they end up having level 60-70s. While it was enough for movesets, I just sweeped him with higher level pokemons and no experience or knowledge was gained that battle.

There's just no point in casual PvP unless you and your opponent has set up a similar level team or both of you has a full level 100 team.
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enfiem esse jogo dentro do rabo de vcs
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