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Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Here is my Feedback and some suggestions for the latest PvP Patch / Update

First of let me say, the I realy enjoy the Ladder System. The fast gameplay makes it feel like I´m not wasting my time playing Pokemon PvP, this is what distinguishes PBO from other Pokemon games.

Here is my feedback on the respective topics:

Currently, the opposing Pokemon team is only shown once in the chat. This means that we have to take a screenshot in every fight, which unfortunately reduces the fun in the long run.
I recommend, as has often been suggested, to let the opposing team display in the top left where the Pokeball icons are currently located.

Unknown Names
The fact that the player names are shown as unknown is a very good thing in my opinion! This allows the player to play anonymously, which reduces the stress level and makes possible toxic behavior via PMs impossible. It is also not possible to assign the teams to the high win rate players and simply copy them.
I would therefore recommend leaving the player names as "unknown".

PvP Shop NPC
I really like the rewards of the PvP shop, but some rewards require a massive grind, which is ok, but my recommendation would be that the reward Pokemon either have a greatly increased synch chance or you can choose the Nature you want.
I can well imagine that someone who plays day and night for a whole month and then has a synch fail quits the game, which I definitely don't want.

R.P Rewards
This topic is welcome to discuss. As I can see from the leaderboard statistics, there are many players who actively play pvp despite a negative win rate (1 win 13 lost).
I find this remarkable and it makes for a more active pvp community. My problem, however, is that I think many do this for the final Celebi reward and after a while with only one point per game lost, they might lose interest in playing 2500 games.

I think that increasing the points to 2 per lost game is perfectly fine and rather ensures that the new, learning players do not lose interest in PvP, which would end in longer queue times.

Besides that I think the current PvP R.P rewards are fine.

In general, I would say the PvP update was a complete success. It only need a little bit of polishing and I think the change you made, that low winrate players are queued against low winrate players is expecially good, as it gives the new players a chance to win too.
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