Suggesting myself for help as developer

Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Hello dev team and moderation team of Pokemon Blaze Online
My name's Tiziano, and I've been a player of this game for little about 2 weeks.

I'm making this thread because I would like to bring to your attention that there's someone (the guy who's writing this thread) who would want to lend you guys a hand in the developement of the game.

Understandably, this, might come off a little bit random but I've already tried contacting you guys via other methods before, and since you guys don't seem to like it when people dm you, I've decided to make this thread.

I have professional experience working as a PHP Backend developer and as the time of writing I'm trying to port my 3 years C# experience (for which I got hired to work as a developer) into Java.

I've had a feeling (since the game came out) that you guys might need some help handling the momentum of the game, so, I would like you to let you know I am interested in working with you guys.

My thrive to help is mainly because I want to learn and better my java skills and, as I've already tried to point out other times when contacting you, I also want to help because I want to improve the game with my own hands :D.

I'm sure you will make the right choiche and I will be fine with that, just let me know whatever you guys think in some manner ;)
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+1 Antonio is the greatest P1 doubles player and is a very nice guy as well
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+1 for him too! I´m sure he would be a great addition to your team providing all the community feedback and coding knoweledge!
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+1 for Antonio the GOAT
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Thanks but we are not looking for a developer :)

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