This game uses FOMO way too much.

Ideas on how we can improve the game? Please let us know.
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Short explanation: Title

Long one:

For those who don't know FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It's a technique that's used in modern videogames to force players into playing at certain times. This increases their engagement with the game as it gives them a reason to come back.

The thing is, this sucks big time. Excessive use of FOMO makes it so that players are forced to play whether they want it or not, otherwise they'll be missing out on content and eventually left behind. This game not only has a pretty short lasting game pass that's relatively grindy, but also daily events that are directly tied with your team's progression, as they provide items, rare pokemons, and TM/TRs. Swarm only pokemon also make it so you need to be ready to hop on at any time, and then grind non stop for an entire hour, or you might miss a rare swarm opportunity for the next few weeks.

It honestly feels like I have no incentive to just hop on and play the game, It's much more productive to just hop in when there's an even going on, and there's only 2 hours of events each day. This end up being counterproductive, as it makes it so that I, the player, engages less and less the more I advance in other aspects (Like levelling pokemons).

This game needs to move their main post-game progression to something that's available most (If not all) the time. Things like ranked matchmaking should replace crew wars. Something like the battle tower should replace dynamax. The tournaments should have alternatives to get the rare TMs and pokemons in more grindy but available ways.

IMHO the focus of the game after fixing all the bugs and glitches should go right into fixing this issue. It's possibly the biggest thing that's threatening the longevity of the game.

TL;DR: Modern MMO design philosophy is going to kill a good game once again.
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+1 to this entire post.
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+1 without dynamax raids and crew wars, you basically can't access any tms/trs that's annoying.
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+ 1 too, good post. Even tho, I think timmed events are nice, just do not abuse of that :)
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This is a very interesting and insightful post. We are currenly working on features which will help us improve the game and fix the issues you mentioned.
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