Item Bomb Prizes

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Item Bomb Prizes

The user of the item bomb is guarenteed one of the items where you see *

Held Items

Black Belt*
Black Glasses*
Dragon Fang*
Hard Stone*
Miracle Seed*
Mystic Water*
Never-Melt Ice*
Poison Barb*
Sharp Beak*
Silk Scarf*
Silver Powder*
Soft Sand*
Spell Tag*
Twisted Spoon*

Evo Stones

Dawn Stone*
Dusk Stone*
Leaf Stone
Fire Stone
Moon Stone*
Shiny Stone*
Sun Stone
Thunder Stone
Water Stone

TMs and TRs

TM07 - Pin Missile
TM08 - Hyper Beam
TM09 - Giga Impact
TM11 - Solar Beam
TM25 - Protect*
TM39 - Facade
TM43 - Brick Break
TM46 - Weather Ball
TM64 - Avalanche
TM92 - Mystical Fire*
TM95 - Air Slash*

TR02 - Flamethrower*
TR03 - Hydro Pump
TR05 - Ice Beam*
TR06 - Blizzard
TR08 - Thunderbolt*
TR09 - Thunder
TR15 - Fire Blast
TR18 - Leech Life*
TR28 - Megahorn
TR55 - Flare Blitz
TR76 - Stealth Rock*
TR77 - Grass Knot
TR84 - Scald*
TR93 - Darkest Lariat


1 Hour Global Exp Boost*
3 Day PBO Membership*
Ability Capsule*
Bronze Blaze Chest
Gastrodon-East Mount Chest*
Gold Blaze Chest*
Lum Berry
Master Ball*
PP Up*
Rare Candy*
Silver Blaze Chest*
Sitrus Berry
Swarm Flute*
Unallocated EV Reset