A guide to the Ranked Ladder

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A Guide to the Ranked Ladder

General Info

The Battle Queue allows you to queue for ranked battles against other players, currently casual is disabled.
All battles are set level 100 and all standard clauses apply:

Species - Prevents having 2 or more of the same Pokémon on a team.
Evasion - Prevents moves that boost evasion from being used.
Sleep - Prevents more than one Pokémon from being asleep at a time.
Moody - Prevents the ability Moody being used.
OHKO - Prevents moves that one hit KO from being used eg Sheer Cold, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure.

And also:

Party size clause which Prevents you from using less than 6 Pokémon in battle

The battle queue can be accessed by clicking on this button in the bottom left corner of the page:


When you click the button this window will show


At the side you will see 5 different buttons.

Search - This is how you search for the Ranked battle.

Ratings - This will show u the ratings for daily, weekly, monthly and all time. These are updated at the end of each battle. To show on each ranking and receive a prize you will need to do 10 battles for daily, 40 battles for weekly and 100 battles for monthly.

Usage Data - This shows you the top usage of each Pokemon, both in Crew wars and Ranked Battles. You can use the drop down menu to switch between them.

Rewards - This shows you each of the different rewards you can get for the Ranked Reward Ladder or if you press the Rewards Summary it will tell you the rewards for playing in Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Battle History - This shows you previous battles you have won or lost. It allows you to review yours and the other players Pokemon, the result win or lose and the duration it took.

During battles you are matched with those closest in rank where applicable. On occasions where noone close to your rank is actively looking for a battle you may be matched with someone with a much higher or lower rank.
As always, try your best to win during ranked matches. Players caught giving free wins etc will receive a ladder ban.


For winning you will receive +20 if its a higher rank, +15 if similar rank and +10 if lower rank
For losing you will lose -20 if its a lower rank, -15 if its a similar rank and -10 if its a higher rank.


You will receive +2 Tokens per Win
You will receive +1 Token per 2 Loses
If you battle someone on the same IP or Device you will receive 0 Tokens. This is to prevent multi account feeding.
If the battle lasts less than 20 seconds you will receive 0 Tokens.

Rank Reward Ladder

The Rank Reward Ladder is an extra bonus for you to do the ladder


As you gain RP, you gain rewards as shown in the Image below. You can view all of the rewards by scrolling along the Rank Reward Ladder. When the month is up the Rank Reward Ladder is reset and you are able to redo for more prizes. The final reward can be updated after any month end without warning. Currently it is Celebi as of 5th October 2021.



You also gain prizes for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Ranks as shown below

Daily Prizes

A minimum of 10 battles per day are needed to place in Daily Rank

Rank 1 receives 50 Ranked Battle Tokens
Rank 2 receives 40 Ranked Battle Tokens
Rank 3 receives 30 Ranked Battle Tokens
Ranks 4-10 receives 25 Ranked Battle Tokens
Ranks 11-50 receives 20 Ranked Battle Tokens
Ranks 51-100 receives 15 Ranked Battle Tokens
Participation receives 10 Ranked Battle Tokens

Weekly Prizes

A minimum of 40 battles per week are needed to place in Weekly Rank

Rank 1 receives 10,000F, 25 Blaze Coins and a Gold Blaze Chest
Ranks 2-3 receives 5,000F, 20 Blaze Coins and a Silver Blaze Chest
Ranks 4-10 receives 3,000F, 15 Blaze Coins and a Bronze Blaze Chest
Ranks 11-20 receives 2,000F, 10 Blaze Coins and 1 Full EV Reset
Ranks 21-50 receives 1,500F, 5 Blaze Coins and 1 Unallocated EV Reset
Participation receives 1,000F and 3 Blaze Coins

Monthly Prizes

A minimum of 100 battles per week are needed to place in Monthly Rank

Rank 1 receives 50,000F, Ladder Master Chest, 500 Donator Gems, 75 Blaze coins and 3 Gold Blaze Chests
Rank 2 receives 30,000F, Ladder Master Chest, 250 Donator Gems, 60 Blaze coins and 2 Gold Blaze Chests
Rank 3 receives 20,000F, Ladder Master Chest, 125 Donator Gems, 40 Blaze coins and 1 Gold Blaze Chest
Ranks 4-10 receives 15,000F, Ladder Master Chest, 15 Blaze coins and 3 Silver Blaze Chests
Ranks 11-20 receives 10,000F, 10 Blaze coins, 1 Full EV Reset and 2 Silver Blaze Chests
Ranks 21-50 receives 6,000F, 5 Blaze coins, 1 Unallocated EV Reset and 1 Silver Blaze Chest
Participation receives 4,000F, 3 Blaze coins and 1 Bronze Blaze Chest

Ranked Battle Tokens

There is a shop with the Ranked Battle Tokens Trader located in Oreburgh just north of the Pokémon Centre. You can check here for the shop prices: Prizes