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Official Pokémon Blaze Guides

Guide for new players
  • Includes basic guides to the UI and chat commands
A guide on how to PM, Add friends, Block people and Trade

A guide to Game Pass and PBO Membership

A guide to Nature Ivs and EVs
  • Includes Info on Ev Resetting and Sync
List of working out of battle abilities

Evolutional Stones Wild Drops

A guide to using the Trade House

A Guide to Chat and Custom Chats

Guia para Chats e Chats personalizados

Monthly Traders

Sinnoh Walkthrough

Chat Commands

A Guide to Fishing

This includes:
  • What do fishing levels do
  • How to repair fishing rod
Pokémon Spawns and Locations

A Guide to PVE

This includes:
  • VS Seeker
  • Dynamax Invasion
  • Swarms
  • Fishing Contest
  • Bug Catching Contest
Vs Seeker Rewards

Item Bomb Prizes


This includes
  • Dynamax Prizes
  • Crew War Prizes
  • Bronze Blaze Chest
  • Silver Blaze Chest
  • Gold Blaze Chest
Crews and Crew Wars

How To Guide

This Includes:
  • How to find the HMs
  • How to move the Psyducks
  • How to continue the story after Canalave Gym
  • How to find the free ATMs
  • How to find the Egg Move / Tutor Move / Move Relearner