A Guide on how to PM etc

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A guide on how to PM, Add friends, Block people and Trade


Via Command

In chat type /w <name> press enter.

It will turn purple like this and you can then PM the person just by typing in the box


Either use Tab or click the purple box to then get out of PMs with that person.

Via Chat

If you see the name in a chat and you wish to pm / trade / add them as a friend you can right click the name. This box will then appear allowing you to interact with the person easily.


Via Location

When you are standing next to a person you are able to click on them to bring up some options to interact with them.


1. To view their trainer card
2. To battle them
3. To add them as a friend
4. To PM them
5. To trade with them

This is the only way to trade friends so you will need to be on the same map.

Friend Icon in the Sidebar

You are able to add friends and block people using this method


Note: Blocking people stops them from being able to PM you, you are still able to see what they write in other chats.

How to show Pokémon in Chat box

Drag the Pokémon into the chat box (not the area you send the message in)