Game Pass and Membership

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A Guide to Game Pass and Membership

Game Pass

There are 2 Game Passes. Each Pass lasts for the season it is purchased in. Just to clarify, this means when the season ends and a new pass enters both stores, the previous seasons passes become unusable. Each new account, for a limited amount of time, will receive a free basic game pass. This pass will also only last one season and it is untradeable.

One basic pass which you can buy in any market for 10,000F
One premium pass which you can buy from the Donator Store for 1000 Gems.


To gain levels on the pass you will be required to grind and battle npcs
Note: Battling the Vs seeker trainers will not give you any pass exp (not to be confused with Pokemon Exp)

The pass will show you how long is left for the current season.

To activate the pass from your inventory simply click it and press the tick.
Note: It will be in the Miscellaneous part of the inventory.


Once activated it will show as a notification as well as a message in chat


You can press this symbol in the top bar to check the levels and how long it is activated for


PBO Membership

To buy this item you can either buy from others on the market or buy it straight from the Donator Shop. You can get either a 3 Days, 14 Days or a 1 Month PBO Membership

This item allows you to use all of the premium ATMs located throughout the game, it allows you a travel discount and a Trade House Sponsored icon. It also gives the user a 10% experience boost and +5% Sync Chance when you use a Sync ability pokemon as lead.

When the membership has been activated from your inventory you can hover over the star in the top bar of your screen to keep track of the membership.