Nature IVs and EVs

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A Guide to Nature, IVS and EVS


Natures are displayed on the Pokémon's summary screen as shown below.


As you can see in the case of Neutral Nature all stats are shown to be white. Otherwise the stats will show green for the stat which boosts 10% and red for the stat which lowers 10%
Here is the nature chart as a reminder of all natures and what they do.


There are no nature resets or mints.

Although it is random what nature a wild Pokémon has, you can influence them with a Synchronize ability Pokémon.
Depending on the rarity of the Pokémon depends on the percentage that Sync works. The Pokémon needs to be first place in the party (even if fainted) to work:
Common Pokemon - 30% Chance to Sync
Uncommon Pokemon - 33% Chance to Sync
Rare Pokemon - 35% Chance to Sync
Very Rare Pokemon - 37% Chance to Sync
Ultra Rare Pokemon - 40% Chance to Sync
Legendary Pokemon - TBD

Synchronize Ability PVE Crew Skill +5%
Synchronize Ability with Membership +5%

Synchronize Ability Base + Crew + Membership final:
Common 40%
Uncommon 43%
Rare 45%
Very Rare 47%
Ultra Rare 50%

In cases where you trade with NPCS or Open Boxes for Pokemon the Sync rate is set to be the same as Very Rare Pokemon

List of Pokemon with the Synchronize Ability



What are IVs?
IV stands for Individual value, which could be simplified as a Pokémon's potential.
A Pokémon's IV can range from 0 to 31. 0 being the least desirable and 31 being highly desirable. These can NOT be changed currently (IV Resets TBD)
One IV = one stat point at level 100


Since we use Gen 8 Mechanics there is no Hidden Power.


All pokemon yield the same number of EVs as regular games.
After defeating a pokemon, EVs are not automatically "allocated". They instead get added as "unallocated" evs.
Players can invest EVs from the unallocated pool with the slider on the pokemon dialog EV screen.


Once EVs are invested, they cannot be changed without using special items.

The maximum number of total allocated EVs is 510.
The maximum number of allocated and unallocated EVs for a particular stat is 252.
The maximum number of allocated and unallocated EVs overall is 756.

Reset and Modifying EVs

Unallocated EV Reset - Removes all unallocated EVs from a pokemon.
Full EV Reset - Removes all EVs (Both allocated and unallocated) from a pokemon.
Kelpsy Berry (and the other stat berries) - Removes 10 unallocated EVs of the corresponding stat (Kelspy - Attack, etc) from a pokemon.
Super Kelpsy Berry (and the other stat berries) - Moves all allocated EVs of the corresponding stat (Kelspy - Attack, etc) to unallocated.

The other stat berries are:
Pomeg Berry - HP
Kelpsy Berry - Attack
Qualot Berry - Defence
Hondew Berry - Special Attack
Grepa Berry - Special Defence
Tamato Berry - Speed


HP UP - Gives 10 HP evs
Protein - Gives 10 Atk evs
Iron - Gives 10 Def evs
Calcium - Gives 10 Spec Atk evs
Zinc - Gives 10 Spec Def evs
Carbos - Gives 10 Speed evs

Unallocated EV Resets are located in Silver Blaze Chests and the Dynamax store costing 10 Dynite Ore.
Full EV Resets are located in Silver Blaze Chests.
The Berries are located within Bronze Blaze Chests and by participating in the Bug Catching Contest.
The Super Berries are located from the Dynamax store costing 40 Dynite Ore.
Vitamins are located in Bronze Blaze Chests.