Fishing Guide

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A Guide to Fishing

You get your fishing rod from the fishing expert in Jubilife by getting 3 Pokétech tickets from the clowns and trading them in.

To fish simply stand in front of a body of water and press F. When you see the explanation marks above your head press F again to encounter the Pokémon.


You can level your fishing levels up to 50. To check your fishing level click the fishing rod symbol at the top


Some Pokémon will require you to level up your fishing to be able to encounter them. They are decided by the rarity of the Pokémon. They unlock as follows:

Rare Pokemon: Level 5
Very Rare Pokemon: Level 10
Ultra Rare Pokemon: Level 20

By levelling up your fishing you will also gain an encounter boost (the rate to which the !!! shows), additional rod battery percentage and additional exp. This can be seen in the following chart.


Whilst you are fishing you will lower your rods battery, this will require you to charge it up every so often. To do this speak to Tsunami in any Pokémon Centre (He is located just to the right of the entrance, normally by a VS Seeker NPC) who will charge you 500F to fix it up for you.


You gain exp for fishing as follows:

Trainer Victories 40exp
Fleeing Battles 20exp
Catching Pokémon 80exp

During the fishing competitions you gain additional exp

Fleeing Battles 30exp
Catching Pokémon 120exp