A Guide to Crews and Crew Wars

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Players can create crews once they have defeated Gym 3. They cost 10k to create. You can join crews after you get the 1st badge.
Every crew starts at level 0 and can be leveled further (current level cap is 40).
Crews gain experience contributing towards the crew level from defeating wild pokemon (and later we will also add for participating in crew wars, ranked battles, and other features).

Every crew can choose their own crew logo and show it off in game. All crews start with a small set of logos unlocked, and more logos will unlock based on crew level and other achievements.

Every crew level also provides 3 Skill Points which can be invested into the Crew Skill Tree. The skill tree offers benefits for a wide variety of features in the game including PVP, PVE, crew management, and other special features.

Without upgrades you can have 5 members in a clan, you can use upgrades up to 20 members

Some special things:

Crew Ranks - Leader, Commander, Grunt
Shared Pokemon, Item, and Money Bank which can be unlocked and upgraded through the skill tree. Leaders and commanders can give permission to others to withdraw pokemon/items/money. All actions are logged and viewable in the crew menu.
Note: It is entirely the crew's responsibility if they lose or have their pokemon taken by someone. The PBO staff are not responsible for such situations and recommend crews only give permissions in a limited manner.

Crew Wars

Crews can participate in crew wars weekly. These will occur once on the weekends and will last 45 minutes. Only players who have defeated gym 3 can participate in crew wars. Players can enter the crew war lobby map through an NPC in Hearthome unless they have the crew skill unlocked to teleport straight to cw.


Wed at 10:00 UTC
Wed at 20:00 UTC
Sat at 3:00 UTC
Sat at 20:00 UTC

There will be several different modes of crew wars in the future, but our first such mode is a Base Capture system where all crews compete to capture and hold multiple bases at the same time. In this mode, there are 3 zones each containing a Legendary Boss. Defeating the boss results in the player's crew capturing that zone. Once a zone has been captured by a crew, all players not in that crew are teleported back to the Lobby map. There are "blocking tiles" around the bases where if a player is on a tile, no other players can go through that tile. In addition, in the future we will have specific tiles where crews that are holding a zone can place NPCs that will automatically block and battle other players for them.

During Crew Wars Pokémon will auto scaled up to 100.

Crews accumulate points based on how long they hold a particular zone as well as how many battles the crew wins.
Every 1 PVP Win provides the crew with 1 point.
Every 1 minute of holding a single base provides that crew with 5 point. Each base can provide this bonus for a total of 3 per minute.

At the end, the crews are ranked based on the total number of points accumulated and rewarded based on their ranking.

1st - 100 Crew War Tokens,
2nd - 85 Crew War Tokens,
3rd - 70 Crew War Tokens,
4th - 60 Crew War Tokens
5th - 50 Crew War Tokens
6th-10th - 40 Crew War Tokens
Participation - 25 Crew War Tokens

Crews must have at least 1 point in order to receive the participation reward.
In addition, every PVP win during crew wars also rewards the individual player with 1 Crew War token.
Tokens can be exchanged in the crew war shop located in Hearthome.


The Following Clauses are in effect during Crew Wars

Species - Prevents having 2 or more of the same Pokémon on a team.
Evasion - Prevents moves that boost evasion from being used.
Sleep - Prevents more than one Pokémon from being asleep at a time.
Banned Abilities - Moody, Arena Trap, Shadow Tag.
Banned Moves - Baton Pass
OHKO - Prevents moves that one hit KO from being used eg Sheer Cold, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure.