A guide to chat and custom chats

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A guide to Chat and Custom Chats

You can use Tab to quickly switch between the different chats.


Global Chat - The chat you talk in the English language about most things

System - The chat is for all system messages

Map - This chat is for people who are on the same map as you

Trade - The chat you use for trading

Help - The chat you use if you need help

The little tv in the corner is for custom chats and the chat settings


Click it and it will open the settings for the chats


You will see that you have the options to show on global and show tab. You currently can have a maximum of 5 chats meaning you will have to remove some of the main ones being shown to be able to see your clan and custom chats in the tabs. When you make changes make sure to click “apply changes”.

When you click on the search symbol it will appear as so.


Here you are able to join any custom chats or create your own one. There are a few things to note when creating custom chats.



There are 3 different chat types currently.


Global Temporary has a timer that starts upon creating the channel. It lasts for ten minutes before deleting itself. It is open to all players during that time.

Global Permanent has no timer. Anyone can join and there is no password.

Private Permanent has no timer. Only people who you share the password with can join.
Note: Currently there is no way to change the password, this may be changed in the future.

When you own a custom chat it will show something like this.


The symbol next to the name is to mute the person and kick them from your chat.

At the bottom is how you delete the channel

A guide to private messaging can be found Here