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How to:

Find the HMs

Note about HMS: These are only usable out of battle, they cannot be taught to Pokémon as moves since we use gen 8. you can assign them to quick menu to use

HM01 - Cut - Given to you by Cynthia after beating Gardenia

HM02 - Fly - Not Available since we have the teleporter

HM03 - Surf - Cynthia’s grandmother gives you the HM in Celestic

HM04 - Strength - Riley on Iron Island gives you the HM

HM05 - Defog - Located in Lost Tower

HM06 - Rock Smash - Hiker Bulu in Oreburgh Gate gives you the HM.

HM07 - Waterfall - Jasmine gives you the HM after you beat Sunyshore Gym.

HM08 - Rock Climb - Located around Acuity Lakefront

Move the Psyducks

Go East from the Milk Cafe through Route 215 to Veilstone City.

Beat the Veilstone Gym and help Dawn against the Galactic Grunts, then head south to Route 214.

Go through Valor Lakefront and route 213 to Pastoria City

Beat the Pastoria Gym, Follow the Galactic Grunt back to Valor Lakefront and defeat him.

Cynthia will then show up and give you the special potion that's needed for the Psyducks.

Go back through Veilstone to the Psyducks and give them the medicine. They will then leave.

Continue the story after Canalave Gym?

Before leaving Canalave, head South to the sailor where he will take you to Iron Island so you can pick up HM Strength before you continue the journey.

Make your way to Lake Valor and battle Galactic Commander Saturn.

Next make your way to Lake Verity and battle Galactic Commander Mars.

From here go to Celestic Town and head west to Mt Coronet.

Once in Mt Coronet head north, using strength to push the boulder, and follow the path all the way north.

Beat Snowpoint Gym then head back to Lake Acuity
Note: HM Rock Climb is somewhere in Acuity Lakefront.

Next head over to Veilstone City.

At the Galactic HQ in the northeast side of town, talk to the Galactic Grunt by the satellites.
Head to the warehouse and into the basement.

Make your way through the Warehouse and get the key. Then make your way to the Galactic HQ main entrance.

Once inside head up the stairs. Continue to the top where you will battle Galactic's Boss, Cyrus.

Once you have defeated Cyrus go and find Saturn. (Take the warp pard top right corner). After you defeat Saturn, he will release the Legendary Trio.

The final showdown will be at the top of Mt Coronet. The best way to get there would be from Oreburgh, up the mudslide on route 207 and continue to the right. Head up to Spear Pillar.
Note: At Spear Pillar there is a healer by the entrance.

At the end of the Vortex you will battle Cyrus and Giratina.

Find the free ATMS?

They are located in Sandgem Town, Hearthome City, Veilstone City and The Elite Four

Find the Egg Move / Tutor Move / Move relearner?

The move Relearner Costs 1 heartscale that you get from fishing contests and is located in the House to the right of Hearthome PC
The Egg Move and Tutor move require vouchers which you can buy from the Crew War shop and trade them for the applicable moves in the house to the right of Hearthome PC