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Sinnoh Guide

Twinleaf Town

Welcome to the Sinnoh Region!

Before you can leave this town you will need to go find Barry at his house.
After doing so you then head north to route 201 where you will meet Professor Rowan and receive your first Pokémon.
Barry will then battle you and you will end up back at home where mom will give you running shoes.
Once you are ready. Head back to route 201 where you will meet up with barry again and check out the lake.
When that has been completed head on to Sandgem Town to meet Professor Rowan.

Sandgem Town

As soon as you enter the town, Dawn will take you to Professor Rowan’s lab where you will receive the Pokédex.
She will also explain to you the Pokémon Center and Pokémart as you get close to them.
Before you can continue forward you must return back home to mom. Barry’s mom will also give you a parcel to pass on to Barry, since he ran off again.
Once all that is done you can carry on north of Sandgem Town and on to Jubilife.

Jubilife City

Upon entering the City, Dawn will greet you and you will meet Looker.
Head to the Trainer’s School to give Barry the parcel his mom gave you for him.
Next talk to the man in the street who will send you to collect 3 Pokétech coupons from the clowns. Upon completing this task you will receive a fishing rod.
Once this is done you can move on by exiting the City from the east side where you will meet up with Barry to battle.
Once Barry is defeated, carry on east to Oreburgh City.

Oreburgh City - Roark - Coal Badge - Rock Type

This is the first gym. The gym leader’s name is Roark and uses Rock type Pokémon.
Before you can battle him Barry will tell you where to find him. Once you locate him you will be able to battle him!
Once you have defeated Roark, you will receive the Coal Badge as well as the ability to use Rock Smash out of battle.
When you are ready head back to Jubilife City and head north towards Floaroma Town.

Floaroma Town

Lots of flowers here, quite pretty. A few things to do here before we can move on.
First head to the Valley Windworks to the east of the town and defeat the grunt. Then back to town and head north to get the key to the Valley Windworks. Once you have that enter the Valley Windworks and defeat every grunt as well as the Galactic Commander.
Once completed you will then be able to move on over the bridge and up to route 205 and on to Eterna forest.

Eterna City - Gardenia - Forest Badge - Grass Type

This is where we find the 2nd gym leader, Gardenia, she uses grass type Pokémon.
Once you beat her, you will get the Forest Badge and the ability to use Cut out of battle.

Before you can move on you will need to save the bike shop owner from Team Galactic located in the Headquarters. As a reward for saving him you will receive a bike so that you can carry on south.

Once at the bottom of cycling road head east, through Mt Coronet and keep going until you arrive in Hearthome City.

Hearthome City - Fantina - Relic Badge - Ghost Type

The 3rd gym leader is Fantina with her Ghost type Pokémon.
First you will need to find Fantina, she will be in the Pokémon Contest Building.
Upon defeating her you will get the Relic Badge. Next you will need to exit Hearthome via the south eastern gate where you will battle Barry again before moving on to route 209 and follow the route round to Solaceon Town..

Solaceon Town

Not much to do here, when you are finished exploring the town exit through it to the north on to route 210.
Keep heading north until you come across the flock of Psyducks blocking the path, from there head east and make your way through route 215 to Veilstone City.

Veilstone City - Maylene - Cobble Badge - Fighting Type

Next, we will find the 4th gym leader, Maylene. She uses Fighting type Pokémon. Once you defeat her you will receive the Cobble Badge.
Upon exiting her gym you will meet Dawn who will require your help before you are able to move on. When you have finished helping her exit Veilstone via the south exit and keep heading south until you reach the beach, from there head along the waterfront following the path west until you reach Pastoria City.

Pastoria City - Crasher Wake - Fen Badge - Water Type

Here is where Crasher Wake’s gym is, he uses Water type Pokémon.
Once you have defeated him, follow the story which will lead you back to where the Psyducks are blocking the path. Cynthia will give you what you need to pass them and move on heading north and then west.

Celestic Town

Your main goal is in the center of town. Once you are done you will be given HM Surf and you are able to move on to Canalave City. To get there either head west from Celestic onto route 211 or tp straight to Jubilife.
Once in Jubilife, exit to the west onto route 218 and surf across to Canalave City.

Canalave City - Byron - Mine Badge - Steel Type

Upon arriving in Canalave you will battle Barry on the bridge before being able to move on to the gym.
The Gym Leader Byron, uses Steel type Pokemon. Once defeated you will get the Mine Badge.
From here you are able to travel to Iron Island where Riley will give you HM Strength.
Once you are finished, the story will take you to Lake Valor, south of Veilstone City and Lake Verity, near Sandgem Town before heading to Celestic Town and heading west to Mt Coronet.
Once in Mt Coronet head north, using strength to push the boulder, and follow the path all the way north.
From Acuity Lakefront head east to Snowpoint City where your next gym is.

Snowpoint City - Candice - Icicle Badge - Ice Type

When you are ready, head over to the gym to battle. Candice uses Ice type Pokemon. Once you have beaten her you will have the Icicle badge and will be able to use HM Rock Climb out of battle.
Head back to Lake Acuity.

Story Progression. In case you need some extra help.

Note: After Canalave Gym you was meant to go to Lake Valor and Lake Verity. You will need to do this so if you missed it go do them as well as Lake Acuity.

First stop after Lake Acuity is Veilstone.
Follow the story until you reach the top of the Galactic Headquarters where you will battle Cyrus and then Saturn.
To get to Saturn, take the warp panel in the top right after beating Cyrus. By beating Saturn the Legendary Trio will be released.

The final showdown will be at the top of Mt Coronet. The best way to get there would be from Oreburgh, route 207 and continue to the right. Once in Mt Coronet take the north east exit using surf and rock climb to get there.
Continue to the top of Mt Coronet until you reach Spear Pillar.
At the top you will need to do some battles.

Next stop is the Distorted World.
Make your way through til the end where you will battle Cyrus again and Giratina.
Thus ending the story!
Congratulations on saving the world!!

But your journey is not over yet.. Head back to Veilstone and head south and then east towards Sunyshore.

Sunyshore City - Volkner - Beacon Badge - Electric Type

Last gym battle is against Volkner and his Electric type Pokemon. Once defeated you will receive the final gym badge and be able to move on to the Elite 4.
Before exiting the City be sure to talk to Jasmine who will give you the HM Waterfall.
Once you have this exit north of the city and onto victory road.