Evolution Stones Wild Drops

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Evolutional Stones Wild Drops

If you Faint or Catch some Pokémon they have a chance of dropping certain items. Note: Fainting gives a higher chance

Elekid - Electrizer
Magby - Magmarizer
Gligar - Razor Fang
Clefairy - Moon Stone
Feebas - Prism Scale
Sneasel - Razor Claw
Duskull - Reaper Cloth
Kirlia - Dawn Stone
Clamperl - Deep Sea Tooth / Deep Sea Scale
Staryu - Water Stone
Rhyhorn - Protector
Vulpix - Fire Stone
Helioptile - Sun Stone
Slowpoke - King's Rock
Flabébé - Shiny Stone
Roselia - Shiny Stone
Murkrow - Dusk Stone
Magnemite - Thunder Stone
Seedot - Leaf Stone
Scyther - Metal Coat
Magmar - Magmarizer
Onix - Metal Coat