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Enjoy making maps? Post your maps here for others to look and comment on.
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Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing fine!

So while digging around I found some old small Pokemon Maps I had made for a very old Pokemon Online MMO a very long time ago.
I believe I was like 20 when I made these so about 8 years ago. I was very quick on learning Tiles and the program that was used to make the maps.
I learned all about which layers go where and exactly how to design a map so that it flowed realistically.

I currently work full-time as a Graphic Designer as well so maybe learning how to design tilesets might be something I take a jab at in the future.
Anyways I was browsing around and started playing Pokemon Blaze and I found myself wanting to create maps again.

I linked 3 of the very small maps I made for practice on certain things. These maps get bigger and you can kinda see how fast I was learning. I have made just about every kind of map but a lot of those were lost lol. I have full interest in pursuing being a mapper for PBO.

My contact information is and my discord is MattyP#4488

Thank you,
Test 1.png
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Under water.png
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Test 2.png
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- MattyP
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