★ Mudkip's Art Shop ★

Made any art/drawings we would love to see them. Feel free to share them here
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★ Examples of My Artwork → https://pbomudkip.weebly.com/← ★

Please Click The Below Spolier To Reveal:
How Can You Contact Me?

You Can Get In Contact With Me Via The Following:
On The Forum Here - Just Send Me a PM 🙂
Add Me On Discord - VD#2004
Message Me In Game - Mudkip

What Do I Sell Here & How Much Does It Cost?

Here You Will Find The Following Art Services:

Logo's -
Signature's -
Animated Signature's -
Banner's -
Stream Overlay's -
Video Intro's -

Prices To Be Confirmed Due To The Game Being New.
Please Message Me For A Price! :)

How Can You Pay?

I Accept Items As Well As In Game Money, Below Are The Price Exchanges For Items:

Accepted Items & Prices To Be Confirmed

Portfolio of My Art
Please click on the below link to see all of my recent artwork.

Thanks For Taking A Look At My Art Shop.
Please Add Me On Discord (VD#2004) To Place An Order.

★ Discount's For Calamity Crew Members ★
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Nice to see some people I recognize here! :D

Highly recomended for anybody interested in some artwork here on PBO!
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Looking good :D
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Looking good fr fr
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