Let's talk about Anime/Mangas

Are you a fan of Anime or TV shows? Or perhaps you have some movie recommendations for others? If yes, then go ahead and post to your heart's content!
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Hello everyone!

What are your favorite shows and/or Mangas?
How did you get to them and are you interested in the japanese culture as well?
Do you watch seasonal Anime or random/own picks?
How about (life) lessons? Is there something certain shows might have taught you?
Let's just ramble about anything that comes to your mind and have fun!
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Started reading manga cause I wasn't allowed to play too much video games during summer vacation, my mom sent me to the local library where I read the entirety of dragon ball, naruto, one piece, hunter x hunter that was available. But I mostly went to the library cause you could use the computer there lmao. The first anime I watched (not including shows like pokemon) would be your lie in april, then I proceeded to watch a bunch of tear jerkers like a silent voice. Now I watch tons of seasonal animes like jujutsu kaisen, dr stone, quintenssential quintuplets, attack on titan this season. Can't wait to binge anime while grinding in this game!
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Spongebob is the best anime :P. Never been a big fan of anime but I started watching the Pokemon series lately and found it pretty good so I might start watching some other stuff in the future.
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"Naruto" was the first series I seriously watched. I liked how the young Naruto, who accompanies us on our way to adulthood as a young ninja, wanted to fight his way up to the top ninja of his village in order to leave his own difficult past behind and to be accepted by the people in his village.
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