Crew Recruitment (Ahjin)

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Crew Information:
Crew Name: Ahjin
Date Created: October 8, 2021
Leader: Hyeji
Commander: Justinyyy
Crew Level: 7

The crew is currently new and we are only focusing PVE for now but the main goal of this crew is to participate in PVP. Once enough members are ready to partake in PVP then it is time for the crew to participate in PVP.

Crew Rules
Be respectful
Not active for more than 3 days will be kickout unless have a valid reason.
No swearing
Once you left, you cannot go back.
No scamming
Not following the rules will result of getting kick out.
  • Must be Active
If you want to apply, provide all the information about the requirements above. Also Include the information of the following:
  • Where do you lived? (country)
  • How many hours do you play per day?
  • How old are you?
All of the information must be posted below. Those who will be accepted will get a direct message from me. Thank you and God bless. :D
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