How to build a strong dynamax team

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Some crucial tips & tricks on how to build your own dynamax team:

Usually a good dynamax team has 2 parts: A) Damage dealers & B) Setup

A) How to choose your damagedealers:

1. Know the dynamax's weaknesses
Look up the pokemon online if you dont know it, most sites have a table with weaknessess/strengths of said pokemon. Dynamax forms still have same weaknesses as the original pokemon.

2. Know the dynamax's movepool
As stated in the official pve guide, dynamax has 5 moves, one of which is always haze. Use several types vs the dynamax to make him use several moves. Usually its 1 STAB attack per type + 1-3 moves to have great coverage (some dynamaxes have a stat boost move which it always does first turn, and never repeats after)

Use this information to find a pokemon who can withstand some dmg & has a high base power (preferably STAB) supereffective move against the dynamax (and is already in the game).

B) Setup:

Important to know: Dynamax will 95% of times (estimated %) haze if your stats are +2 OR his stats are -2 in 1 category (eg after you swords dance, or scary face or smth). He will also haze if you lower his defence & up your attack. He will not (some say he rarely does but i have never seen it in all my runs) haze when multiple stats are -1.

Setup depends on your damagedealers. But usually you want to atleast lower dynamax' defence (spdef lowering is very hard) & atk/spatk (eg growl, leer, mystical fire, ...). Knock off is never a bad idea (most dmaxes hold wise glasses or spell tag or smth like that, but some hold weakness policy, then knock off is very important).

Usefull links: ... dification (list of all moves that can modify stats) (see how much dmg your idea could do, dont forget dynamax is lvl 85 & has full 252 ev in all stats)
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Nice guide!
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