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Hello PBO,

I am writing this post today for two reasons.

First i would like to take a moment and explain that Pokemon Blaze Online is not a one man show. All our decisions are team based with every member of the dev team having a say towards the end result.
I feel it is important to keep this in mind when changes happen and to make you aware that other members of the team may make future posts like this one instead of me.

Now for the second reason. As all of you are aware by now we made the choice to add +5% sync chance within both our PBO memberships and Crew Skills.
We received many suggestions regarding the fact that you, the players, were frustrated that sync was lacking with our old rates. At the same time many of you complained about the membership and saying that it was lacking something of worth.
We discussed it at length and decided that this was the best way to move forward. It gave our membership an extra incentive and helped boost your sync chances.

We will continue to read through your suggestions and try to make the game as enjoyable as possible :)