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Several ways to install the game on several platforms/devices

Not everyone is used to installing a game from the internet. This is why we will list the ways of installing the game here. We will always be assuming you downloaded the correct version for your device from our downloads page.
– PC/Windows
– Android
– Mac



The downloaded file will always be a zipped folder. This means, you will need a third party software to unzip folders. There’s plenty free to use software for that available on the internet. I usually use 7-zip and never had any issue with it.
To install 7-zip, you just download the version you need (x32 or x64) and run the .exe that gets downloaded (see Downloads folder). This download & installation takes no more than a minute; depending on your device. This is probably the same for all the other unzipping programs.

Finding the game

The folder you had to unzip in above step, will be placed where you wanted it (standard just right next to where the zipped folder was, so probably your Downloads folder). For general ‘cleanliness’ of your device, I suggest moving the folder to the Desktop folder, or any folder where you keep your games.
Inside that folder called pbo-windows, you’ll have several folders & other things. The main thing you’ll want is the pbo.exe file. This is the game & opening that opens the game. I however, prefer to make a shortcut & place that shortcut with the shortcuts from the other games I play.

Now you can freely open the game, login to or register your account & play the game.
The explanation is actually more complicated than it really is, but I hope it still helped.
Good luck & have fun!



It’s possible your device/web browser blocks downloads standard. This is the case if you get a pop up like this:

To be able to download the game, you need to click settings on that pop up which will take you to:

Where you have to click ‘Allow from this source’ (so it is activated).


Other than PC’s, mobile devices usually already have an unzipping feature installed form the start (Package Installer). So you just follow the steps your phone tells you.
If this step or the downloading still didn’t work, it means you probably don’t have enough free space on your device. Around 900 MB free space is plenty for the game to be installed.

Finding the game/installation

Similar to the unzipping, smart phones live up to their name & automatically ask if you want to install the game. Just click yes (clicking no after this work would be little weird 😀 ) & the device will do all the work including making a shortcut amongst your apps.

With every client sided update, you will need to remove the game fully from your device & redownload from our downloads page & follow the steps again.

You can now just open the game by clicking the shortcut amongst your apps and login to or register your account in the in-game client to enjoy PBO.
Good luck & have fun!


Website used to make the following steps: Link

Locating the .dmg file

After downloading, the .dmg file is usually located in your Downloads folder. Once you found the file, all you have to do is select it.

Installing the file

Selecting the .dmg file will open a dialog screen where you have to drag the file to the Applications folder. The game will be installed on your device now.

Opening the game

Now that the game is installed, all you need to do to play the game is double click the icon. There’s a good chance your device will warn you that the game is downloaded from the internet & make sure you want to open it. Devices will always do this for applications downloaded straight from the internet.

The in-game client is where you register your account, or login to your account (if you made the account on a different device before).
Good luck & have fun!


NOTE: For European players, Apple should allow third party downloads a lot easier starting March 2024.

There’s several ways to get the game on your IOS device.

ITunes & PC

This way requires you to have a PC with Windows (or Mac, but it is a bit different, not explained here), an ITunes account and some more free software.
This method is explained in the downloadable text file below.

Other ways include jailbreaking your device (Google it if you want to do that).
A player made guide was made on our forum here.

Good luck & have fun!

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